Facebook and Zynga, two of the largest social web companies and longtime business partners, recently had a falling out. But they’ve realized that they can’t live without each other and made up earlier this week. Here’s a GigaOM graphic showing their codependency.

Facebook and Zynga, two of the largest social web companies, have been at odds recently. Zynga is one of the biggest buyers of advertising on Facebook, and without Facebook, Zynga would struggle to grow.

In other words, the two can’t live without each other. But cooler heads have prevailed and they’ve now settled their differences and inked a 5-year truce. We’ve put together a graphic that lays out the details of their codependency.

Update: Please note that this corrects an earlier version in which the use of Facebook Credits for games was described as “exclusive;” it was not. It also corrects the month in which Facebook removed third-party notifications for Farmville.

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Infographic by Column Five Media

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  1. order of games in that last graph is a bit wonky

    1. Can you elaborate?

      1. Why does cafe world follow farmville, if texas hold’em has more users?

  2. It looks to me like the Facebook privacy war is sending some heat to the Zynga game community. Guess there is no way to really prove it but thats just my guess from the drops in active users.

    I am only human, and I could be wrong.

  3. Zachariah Granville Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    I didn’t know that many people played farmville. Wtf.

  4. That pie chart sucks. Same hue for categories? Day one graphical data displays and visualization fail. Bar graph Y-axis is Monthly Active Users, Y-axis is divided by weeks. Is this a rolling month? Label fail.

  5. GygaOM – Facebook vs. Zynga: War and Peace (Infographic) « Myra Kinko-Smyth Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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  6. We need another statistic showing the average active life of a Zynga player, because I couldn’t stick with Mafia Wars more than 2 months, which is great in itself, but telling in terms of the actual current user base.

    1. Pincus was quoted as saying at F8 that avg user life for their FB games is 150 days.

  7. Zynga has gotten the microtransaction-based monetization down to an exact science, so I doubt they’d suddenly switch over to a model based on a monthly fee. They’re highly reliant on viral spread, and they have a very high turnover rate with players, so I can’t imagine a monthly fee making any sense for them.

  8. I knew Farmville was the number 1 game, but I didn’t realize by how much.

    Not surprised that Castle Age wasn’t on that list…

  9. Zynga is such a leech to facebook. Facebook would be 100x better without that crap company. But, money talks and facebook is free. =/

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