Etacts, which makes useful tools for managing email and phone contacts, has raised $650,000 in angel funding. The two-man Etacts team has been busy since completing the Y Combinator program, adding features at a rapid clip and closing a round from well-respected investors.

Etacts, which makes useful tools for managing email and phone contacts, has raised $650,000 in angel funding. The company recently completed the Y Combinator program, and was a hit with investors at its Demo Day exhibition in March. Angels in the Etacts round include Ron Conway of SV Angels, email pioneer Eric Hahn of Inventures Group, Jim Young from Hot or Not, Lorenzo Thione and Barney Pell from Powerset, Joshua Schachter from Delicious and YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim.

The two-man Etacts team is based in San Francisco and has been adding features at a rapid clip. Their free web app and plug-ins work for both personal and professional use. Anyone who deals with a lot of email –and really, don’t we all? — will find something of value.

After starting out supporting Gmail through early access to its APIs, Etacts was recently extended to any IMAP account. It also added a widget that pops up in Gmail to show an email sender’s recent social web activity and your contact history stats (see below).

Less than a week after venture capitalist Fred Wilson blogged about wanting a tool to highlight unread messages from his important contacts, the company has added that very feature (to his delight). Personally, I’m looking forward to a tool that allows me to combine email addresses and phone numbers that belong to a single contact. Etacts co-founder Howie Liu said that’s coming soon. Also on the way is a mobile app.

Etacts harkens back to former Y Combinator company Xobni, which has focused almost exclusively on adding similar features for Microsoft Outlook. Other startups innovating around the inbox include Rapportive and Gist.

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