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FiOS TV users won’t get their Epix and HBO Go content from a third-party CDN, but from Verizon’s own servers. This could save cable networks money, and help Verizon to manage its network.


While Verizon has been busy building out its network to advance its FiOS TV business, the company has also been making strides to deliver broadband video. Yesterday Verizon senior technologist Doug Pasko told me the company is delivering online video for cable partners that are rolling out authenticated services to its subscribers. Right now, that means Verizon is helping premium cable networks Epix and HBO to make their content available through its own local infrastructure, rather than having them deliver that content through a third-party CDN.

For Verizon the ability to serve online video content locally could help it reduce congestion on its network, particularly as video becomes a larger portion of overall traffic. The local delivery of video for its content partners is just one part of a larger effort to make it easier for Verizon to manage how traffic moves across its network.

In addition to local storage and delivery, Verizon is also actively working to peer with other service providers, CDNs and transit providers. The Verizon Partner Port program, launched early in 2009, aims to reduce the costs associated with directly connecting to Verizon’s network.

The effort could help companies like Epix and HBO to lower their CDN bills, since that content isn’t being whisked across the Internet to Verizon broadband users by Akamai or Limelight, but instead is delivered from within the telco’s own network. In an email, Epix digital chief of staff Thomas Carpenter wrote:

“Epix is working closely with cable operators to leverage their existing infrastructure and capabilities, for seamless and efficient integration, to get our offering up and running as quickly as possible. We focus on being flexible, partnering with leading third party CDN providers such as Akamai to prototype new technology & push the envelope, particularly in areas such as rendition management and quality of service measurement.

Our goal is to collaborate as much as possible with providers to give our subscribers the highest level of quality, and service, across multiple screens, in the industry.”

HBO could not be reached for comment.

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