Anttenna today launched as a free iPhone application for consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer exchanges of goods and services. Within a a few minutes, users create a listing of 140 characters or less, which appear on a map, allowing for hyper-local, real-time market transactions on a handset.

Anttenna today launched a free, real-time iPhone application for consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer exchanges of goods and services. The location-aware application is similar to Twitter — users quickly create short “mobile micro-listings” of up to 140 characters of items wanted or for sale. Using this approach, an item or service is listed in just a few minutes, and appears immediately to other nearby Anttenna members. With the application, consumers can search a local map for listings, making Anttenna like a mash-up between Craigslist, Google Maps and Twitter. On an as-needed basis, I could easily see myself using such a simple solution when out and about.

Marcus Wandell, Anttenna’s co-founder and chief executive officer, explains the concept in today’s press release this way: “Anttenna is like a swap meet in your pocket…Anttenna fully leverages the smartphone platforms and new communications standards to give people a whole new way to use classified advertising.”

The concept of Anttenna was born out a scenario not unfamiliar to me: Wandell was at a a New York City music festival and as he wandered the event, found himself wishing the on-site vendors offered a method to send him information on their wares. His thought: Why not leverage the GPS and messaging capabilities of his smartphone for hyper-local, real-time information? Anttenna provides just that, although it requires users to be part of the Anttenna community.

The service doesn’t just facilitate listings of goods or services, however. A chat feature is included for buyers and sellers to quickly converse, ask questions of each other and finalize transaction details. The free application also provides directions between a user’s current location and the nearby items for sale. Wandell says that versions of the software are on the way for Android, BlackBerry and other mobile devices.

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  2. That’s pretty nifty. On one hand, it could be good for some legit situations but the first thought that came to my mind was dope dealers and prostitutes :P

    1. Ainkor, I guess when they say “there’s an app” for that, they really mean it, no? Very funny comment! ;)

  3. Wow. I rank technologies and business models on my site and key variables include:


    This service could very well hit it out of the park.

  4. cant wait for the Android version…hopefully 1.5 and up..

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  6. I interviewed the founder, Marcus Wandell right around the time of the launch on iPhone. The session goes deep into the “why” and “how to make money” aspects of location-based marketing and commerce. Marcus is a dynamic guy — even via SKYPE!

    Interview is here: http://untether.tv/ellb/?p=1316

  7. Also free, a geo-loc classified iphone app called geoli.st: Aggregating Oodle & Dealmap information and with the ability to share on twitter & facebook… http://www.geoli.st/


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