Yes, I sometimes carry a man purse, or murse. Let me phrase that more appropriately– I carry a “field bag”. My field bag of choice is the Fossil Nevada field bag, which is easily the best gear bag I’ve ever used. It looks so manly, too.

Fossil bag thumb

Yes, I sometimes carry a man purse, or murse. No, let me phrase that more appropriately — I carry a “field bag“. Doesn’t that sound more masculine? The fact is we guys need something to carry our gear around with us, and the more mobile the gear the less likely a backpack or other big bag is needed. Enter the Fossil Nevada field bag, which is easily the best gear bag I’ve ever used.

I bought the Fossil field bag a year ago, and while it is as small as can be (and manly) it can handle a 10-inch netbook with ease. The three pockets are perfect for any size accessories, and help keep things organized. The leather straps with the magnetic buckles are easy to secure and open, and contribute to how manly the Fossil bag appears.

This is the bag I grab for quick day outings, and it has served me well. The only downside to using the Fossil Nevada field bag is the constant interruptions I get in the wild from people stopping me to tell me how manly it looks. Yes they do.


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  1. Metro Sexual Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Perfect for weekly gay parades in Frisco or Berlin !

    My Partner wants to know if it comes in Pink ? (His favorite color)

  2. Very nice bag, James!

  3. Rick Lobrecht Thursday, May 6, 2010

    I like it. How does the iPad fit in it? Too bad its not available anymore.

    1. The iPad fits in it with lots of room to spare. I have carried some big netbooks in that pocket with no trouble so the iPad is thin enough.

  4. Leslie A. Joy Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Wow. That’s a perfect back for travel. I’ve been looking for something to replace my backpack (it makes me feel like I’m in high school) and that bag looks absolutely perfect.

    After showing my boyfriend, he agreed that it’s something he would feel comfortable using, as opposed to most bags that size.

  5. Do they still think it’s manly after they see that the belt buckles are purely decorative?

  6. That’s hot.

  7. James, do you think an HP Tx2 would fit snuggly in this bag? I looks really nice for those lightweight school outings with just my Ipad, but if I wanted to, could I stick my Tx2 in there and just be careful about bumping it around?

    1. No, 10-inch notebooks are pretty much the limit. 12-inchers like the TX2 are just too long for the flap to close.

  8. Nice bag. My wife has one just like it… :P

  9. Where is it available?

  10. hey yeah this is a nice bag, but there is also a bigger once available. I have the same style but bigger, and my 14′ laptop fits perfectly!

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