The iPad Goes to Alaska

Miller in Alaska

I have covered my usage of the iPad quite a bit as I find I use it more than I thought I would. One of the ways I use the iPad is with a portable keyboard for those times when it’s not necessary to bring a laptop but a need to write a lot presents itself. Fellow podcast buddy Matt Miller recently took a one day trip to Alaska, and since he had no need to bring a laptop he found the iPad with a keyboard to be the perfect solution.

I admit it’s a bit scary to see that Matt’s kit for the trip is exactly like my own kit for similar situations. He brought the iPad in the Apple case, a Stowaway Bluetooth folding keyboard and the Sprint Overdrive. He shot a video of the kit in action which is worth viewing if you wonder how useful such a rig can be. It’s impressive that while there was no Sprint 4G coverage in Ketchikan, Alaska, Matt found good 3G signal for getting his work done.

I suspect that some will chime in and say that having to carry three gadgets is too much work compared to bringing a 3G-enabled netbook. That outlook overlooks the fact that sometimes you don’t need a full laptop, so it’s important to understand that this kit can be used in a pinch. It’s got that 10+ hour battery life, too.


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