I don’t think I’ve ever had a device as throughly beaten as this old Mini. So, imagine my surprise when, after months of neglect and mistreatment, the Mini powered on and filled my daughter’s room with music once more.


Today, my daughter put my old iPod Mini into the iHome clock radio in her room and was surprised to see it spring to life.  Surprised, but not nearly as surprised as I was. Astonished is probably a more accurate word for my reaction. Not only had that iPod lasted me for years in my car, at the gym, at work, and at home, I had used it until the battery no longer held a charge.   The Mini came with me on trips around the country, driving and flying, my constant companion. At one point I loaded Linux on it, just because I could, became tired of it and set it back to factory defaults.

After the battery gave up the ghost, the Mini continued to work great, as long as it was plugged in, for a couple more years. After the Mini refused to power on when plugged in, (or so I thought) I put it up, and generally forgot about it until my two year old son somehow found it and decided that he needed it.  Since it was busted anyway, I let him have it, and that’s when the real abuse began.

My son dropped it on the concrete, used it as a hammer, and may have even taken a dive in the tub with it once or twice.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a device as throughly beaten as this old Mini. For months, what was my companion became my son’s, inside and out. So, imagine my surprise when, after months of neglect and mistreatment, the Mini powered on and filled my daughter’s room with music once more. My old iPod is not without its scars, the click wheel doesn’t work, and the black and white display is a little patchy, but it still accepts the buttons on the iHome.

Have you had a similar, jaw dropping, “it still works” moment with your Apple gear?  I’d love to hear about it, sound off in the comments!

Image courtesy of Flickr user mfajardo

  1. Yeah… spilled apple juice on my white macbook (not without recognising the funny) last summer, dried it out and it still worked although with a splodgy screen and loud whirring. Thought rather than paying the £500 repair Apple quoted me, I’d wait for it to thoroughly die and get a new pro or imac, still waiting….

  2. I have only just stopped using my vintage 1992 Duo 230. My old Performa 5200 is still working in a local school, my tangerine iBook lasted nearly 10 years and many airline flights, the Ruby iMac lasted about 9 years, my imagewriter I lasted nearly 20. In fact if we could still find ribbons, it’d probably still be in service.

  3. I still have a preG3 powerPC a/v (8900 I think) that I still use to capture VHS tapes on, that’s gotta be like 15 years old!

  4. Richard Walsh Friday, April 23, 2010

    My iPhone 3G went through a wash cycle after visiting my family for a weekend. My dad thought he was helping me out while I slept in for once.

    I had come home, and just tossed it over to my room mate (who happens to be an engineer). He popped her open and today she works fine as if it never met the dark hole filled with laundry detergent and fabric softener.

    Works as if nothing ever happened to it (even though I still had it replaced at full price). Only thing WiFi takes a little longer to respond when re-establishing connection. But now it sits as our boxee remote in our living room. I use it as my back up (if and when it needs to be).

  5. I still use my ipod 3g. Holds about 2-3 hrs of charge and works great. I bought it on its release date, in May of 2002.

  6. I spilled an entire Cup O’ Noodles on my PowerBook 3400’s keyboard. The computer fizzled and popped and crackled, and went down for the count. I dived under the table to pull the plug, but the computer was dead, I assumed. Went black. I disassembled the laptop and dried off the mobo with towels. No luck. Months later I powered it up — and it worked just fine. It still works to this day (although I use a 15″ MacBook Pro now).

  7. Sent a first gen. Ipod Nano through the wash cycle, twice. I thought it was toast. But after drying out a couple of days, it powered up and I still use it today for the gym.

  8. Mustang Paul Friday, April 23, 2010

    My first generation 5 gig iPod is filled with Blues and hooked to my home stereo. Everything, but the battery, work as it did day one. I keep it plugged in to a power source, so no problem. It is showing no signs of giving up the ghost anytime soon.

  9. I bought a Newton MessagePad, model H1000, when it first came out, in 1993. When Apple introduced the iPhone, in 2007, I plugged in the Newton, just for yucks. It still worked.

  10. Well, I don’t know if this counts, but I dug my Apple II+ out of my dad’s garage on Sunday, where it has sat since the fall of ’85. It powered up just fine, and I resumed a game of Zork I started about a quarter of a century ago.



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