Should Apple Buy ARM?

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The mobile space sometimes seems to generate more rumors than other segments, and a big one has surfaced recently with far-reaching ramifications should it come to fruition. The London Evening Standard reported that Apple is considering a bid to acquire ARM Holdings. ARM is the tech company inside many mobile products — Apple licenses it for the iPad as a matter of fact. Just about every Android-based tablet and top smartphone on the market uses ARM technology. Should Apple buy ARM it would push the entire mobile space, Android in particular, into utter chaos.

I’m not sure the anti-trust folks would like Apple to absorb ARM, but it’s not clear if that would be the case. ARM has stiff competition, so it’s not a given that Apple would be unfairly stifling anything by the acquisition. Should Apple grab ARM, it might be in the company’s best interest to stop licensing ARM technology to others. That would set things into a free fall, particularly in the smartphone space as ARM technology is inside most superphones produced currently.

Apple definitely has plenty of cash laying around, more than enough to buy ARM. I believe it would be a great business move on Apple’s part to do so, even though as a consumer I likely wouldn’t like the results. What do you think? Should Apple buy ARM?

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