After almost three years of obsessive iPhone typing, we have grown accustomed to its keyboard. When the iPad was released, things changed.


After almost three years of obsessive iPhone typing, we have grown accustomed to its keyboard. When the iPad was released, things changed.

After a week of testing the iPad it became clear that the iPad has the Delete key in the correct place and the iPhone doesn’t. In fact, the iPad’s placement feels so natural that now when I try to type text messages on the iPhone, I constantly accidentally send texts early while attempting to delete a character. The iPhone is the only device in my routine that has a confusing Delete key location. Check out the screenshots below to see what I mean.

What do you think? Has your experience been similar?


Wireless keyboard


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  1. I agree I keep having all these excess “p”s everywhere because of this. It is also in this location in the Facebook app for iPad since there isn’t an iPad app yet. Lots of excess ps in my facebook comments.

  2. Funny.. I never noticed it before.. now it’s going to bug me

  3. The reason they did this is because people would constantly be pressing the “send” key on accident. It even happens to me when trying to press the “O” or “P” lol.

    1. Also, trying to cram the delete key up there, while maintaing a functional QWERTY format would probably be impossible. There’s 10 letters in the top row, 9 in the middle, and 7 on the bottom.

  4. I agree. The Send and Delete keys should have been switched from the start. I’ve sent a lot of incomplete and incorrect messages because my fingers expect the delete key to be in the upper right.

  5. I agree its placement is awkward, but I think the reason it is where it is at is for the precise reason why you keep accidentally sending your unfinished texts. There is not enough room in the top row for an extra button; it would be too close to the send button–which maybe they should move as well. Maybe backspace where “Send” currently is; “send” where the pic option is or at the top.

  6. “After almost four years of obsessive iPhone typing…”

    Unless you worked for Gizmodo in 2006 I don’t think you’ve been typing on an iPhone for nearly 4 years since iPhone has only been on the market for just shy of 3 years at this point.

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  8. I think the iPhone needs the delete key exactly where it’s at. If it was next to the “P” key, then you really would accidently send a lot of texts because it would be right next to the send button.

  9. Looks like a straight forward product marketing decision. Squeeze down the top row of keys to fit the screen or move the delete key to get more room. Life is a series of tradeoffs and this looks like a good one.

  10. Howie Isaacks Tuesday, April 20, 2010

    You’re just now getting around to complaining about this? I agree that the placement of the delete key is a problem. I’ve also accidentally sent texts in mid-sentence. Gradually, over time, I learned not do do that. Maybe this will change in iPhone 4.0. Honestly though, it’s not that big of a deal.

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