…With an earnest young editor, too polished for his own good. Except this isn’t a sketch, it is real. BusinessWeek under Bloomberg, brilli…

Josh Tyrangiel

…With an earnest young editor, too polished for his own good. Except this isn’t a sketch, it is real. BusinessWeek under Bloomberg, brilliantly dubbed Bloomberg BusinessWeek, is relaunching the magazine on Apr 23rd, and it has released a preview as a series of short videos from its new-ish editor-in-chief Josh Tyrangiel. And to help its “readers” navigate the radically new concept of a business mag, I have taken some notes below:

– “They come to us with needs.” No, they don’t. Get over yourself.

– “The mission of our 1700 reporters around the globe is to curate that world for you, to tell you what’s important, to tell you why you need to know about it, and what action you need to be prepared to take to compete in the weed ahead.” 1700 reporters? OK, so now all Bloomberg reporters worldwide work for Josh? Sure they’re happy to hear this.

– “Our aim at Bloomberg BusinessWeek is to be your one-stop shop for business news.” Delusions of granduer in a distributed news world? That too in a weekly print magazine?

– “The most important new feature of the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek is that it is comprehensive…it is genuinely comprehesive.” Whoa, that’s deep.

– “All of them have a point of view; all of them answer the question: ‘why do I need to read this right now’.” Except it is a week old.

– “Our mission, when we say comprehensive, is really to serve the whole business person.” I am complete now.

Who’s ready for MoreClarity, MoreEnergy, MoreImpact? I am. Can’t wait to pick up the copy on Apr 23rd.

  1. This whole review is silly and unnecessary. Snark for snark’s sake is unproductive for everybody and a real waste of time. There’s nothing to admire here, move along.

  2. so you have issue with my wasting your time with “unnecessary snark”? don’t read us then.

  3. I’m happy with whatever I choose to read.

  4. That video was awesome :)

  5. beluga-jones Friday, April 16, 2010

    sad, really

  6. i’m actually paying attention to business week’s evolution and thought there would be some substance to this article. you sounds like a brat teasing on the play ground.

  7. Henry Meister Friday, April 16, 2010

    Agree with the first comment. snark for snark’s sake.

    get over yourself.

    I’m guessing you never had a real job.

    there is not one thing, whatsoever, wrong with Tyrangiel’s vision and ambitions for the magazines.

    How ’bout if we give him a chance before we rip apart his goals.

    In short – grow up.

  8. I saw this video last night. I thought it was a joke. Being a magazine editor myself I can’t imagine doing something so silly. Besides, he better do something interesting soon because the BusinessWeek now sucks.

  9. this is why i rarely come to paidcontent anymore. lame.

  10. nothing wrong with conveying a vision- maybe you so-called journalists and editors could learn a thing or two about business. hate is cheap- join the tea party


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