Verizon Wireless has launched its first wave of NFL Mobile applications, including live streaming of Sunday and Thursday night games, for su…

NFL Redzone now on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless has launched its first wave of NFL Mobile applications, including live streaming of Sunday and Thursday night games, for subscribers today as the official sponsor of the NFL.

If you are a Verizon subscriber and interested at all in the NFL, you should download the application before the end of the year while it’s free and requires no monthly subscription. After Dec. 31, a spokesperson said Verizon did not know what it may cost. Of course, subscribers should have a data plan if they plan to use the application much, but the applications launched today are mostly for BlackBerry and Android devices, which typically carry a data plan anyway.

In March, Verizon Wireless reportedly paid $750 million to be the exclusive partner of the NFL, taking over the reigns from Sprint (NYSE: S) which had a similar deal for previous five years.

The NFL Mobile app will kick-off with coverage on April 22 with the start of the draft. Then as the season progresses, more features will be added, including information from training camps, preseason games and live streaming coverage of games throughout the 2010 NFL season. Also later this year, NFL RedZone, will come to mobile for the first time.

Verizon said the application is available on 13 smartphones and multimedia phones, ranging from the Droid to a plethora of BlackBerrys and LG (SEO: 066570) Chocolate Touch, the LG enV TOUCH, and the Samsung Rogue. Android users can download it in the market starting today; BlackBerry users can go to http://mobile.vzw.com/nfl from their browser to download it; and other customers can text

  1. From the New York Post …

    Verizon charged phone-y fees; suit
    By Chuck Bennett

    Read that bill carefully.
    Verizon Wireless cheated millions of customers with bogus data charges, lawyers allege in a growing class-action lawsuit.
    The cellphone-service provider has been tacking on $1.99 Internet usage fees even when customers’ phones were turned off or when they accidentally launched the browser and didn’t download a kilobyte of data, according to the suit in Newark federal court.
    Verizon Wireless even rigged phones to make it easy to accidentally launch the browser, said lawyer Peter Cambs, of the firm Parker Waichman Alonso.
    Verizon Wireless declined to comment.

  2. AT&T and Verizon have attempted to confuse the marketplace by lowering their pricing to $69.99, but theirs are for calling only. In today’s economic environment customers are interested in more than just voice pricing. They also want the best value for all the other things they rely on their wireless phone for and Sprint delivers. Sprint’s Everything Data plans start at $69.99 per month and include Any Mobile, Anytime for unlimited calling with any U.S. wireless user, plus unlimited text, picture and video messaging, e-mail, Web browsing, social networking and more.

  3. I have a Droid and I tried to find it in the marketplace and I can’t find anything. What is the name of the app?

  4. Sprint never charged for full use of the NFL Mobile App. VZ is always looking to screw their customers.

  5. I’m biased but the best free NFL and pure football App in the marketplace is nationalfootballpost.com It was designed by Handmark Inc, who also did the WSJ ap. It’s clean, fast, simple and uncluttered. Its the Ap used by GMs, agents, and head NFL coaches becuase the content is timely and relevant. BB, Iphone and android.

  6. The features of NFL Mobile on Verizon Wireless are good like Game highlights and an extensive collection of on-demand video featuring analysis and inside access from NFL Network and NFL Films.Access to fantasy information, news, and player and team statistics.Customizable NFL alerts, ringtones and graphics.
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  7. app says its is 243.1 KB but that I do not have enough mem available to download. App mem 281.9 kb free, Device mem has 810 MB free and media card has 6.6 gig free. Shouldnt I have more app mem than this?

  8. Watched the entire draft live today with this app on my Black Berry Storm 9500. Amazing app! Talk about draining my battery I have yet to turn off this app once since I got it this morning!!! Watching NFL Network Live streaming on my phone on a clear screen with no lag. FREE. Thank you sooo much! This makes me so happy to be on verizon now. I was just starting to second guess it. But this is more than enough to stay! :D

  9. My grandson downloaded this app on my Android and now I can’t get rid of it! Every morning I get that now annoying little signal that someone has sent me a text and it’s always the NFL. I unsubscribed so what do I do now?

  10. The cost is apparently going to be $10 a month. Hardly worth it in my opinion. Its free on TV.


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