Twitter designer Doug Bowman has uploaded a screenshot of a potential redesign of the web site, giving eager users a glimpse of some changes that could be rolled out soon. New features appear to include more analytics based on how active a user is on Twitter.

A Twitter designer has provided a sneak peek of some of the features that might be in an upcoming redesign, by uploading a screenshot to Dribbble, a site used by designers for sharing their work (hat tip to Icodom for noticing the screenshot first). It doesn’t show much, but it looks as though Twitter is adding some analytics to a user’s profile page — the screenshot (which appears to be the upper-right corner of a profile page) shows not just how long a user has been using the service, but also indicates their activity level by showing how many tweets they post per day. The site also appears to be going with pulldown menus for sending messages and other actions involving the user.

The screenshot was uploaded by Twitter’s creative director, Doug Bowman, the former lead visual designer at Google, where he worked on projects including a redesign of Google Calendar. In a comment on the Dribble page he called it a glimpse of what could be “a significant redesign,” but said that it wasn’t final. Twitter’s current profile page shows a user’s name, location, a web link, a short bio and then numbers for their followers, how many they are following and how many tweets they have posted.

There’s a lot of interest around the Twitter redesign, in part because of the tension over features the company might add that could compete with third-party services. In February, Twitter engineer Alex Payne posted a tweet (which has since been deleted) that said new features were coming to the web site that would make people reconsider using third-party apps. He later said his comments were taken out of context, after TechCrunch wrote a post based on his tweet saying Twitter was going to be competing with third-party developers.

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  1. The new design looks pretty cool, I’m curious to see when will they make the change.

  2. Success Coach Friday, April 9, 2010

    As a guy who is semi-addicted to stats, I am looking forward to seeing these upcoming changes. Rightly or wrongly, I think the numbers will probably have an impact on my choice to follow or unfollow someone.

    1. Yes, I agree — it’s similar to the “follow cost” that some services such as Twitfilter calculate so you can figure out whether to follow someone back or not.

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