Where are the Android Superphones, Verizon?


Android superphones are all the rage these days, especially those from handset maker HTC. Google ratcheted up the Android superphone with the Nexus One, and HTC has kept cranking up things a notch at a time with phones getting ready to hit the market. Verizon and Google have been promising the Nexus One would appear on the carrier Real Soon Now for what seems like forever, but it’s still nowhere to be seen.

Verizon Android rumors heated up with the discovery of the HTC Incredible lurking in the Verizon internal computer system. The Incredible is basically a Nexus One with some extras, notably the HTC Sense interface the Nexus One lacks. The rumors had the Incredible appearing at any time on Verizon’s shelves, but it hasn’t been released either.

Big Red has always taken its sweet time “approving” handsets for its network, but it seems at times they do it on purpose. The enthusiast crowd is clamoring for the Nexus One, and when the Incredible hits the market no doubt it will fly off the shelves. The Droid is definitely old news at this point, so get these Android phones released, already.

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