Round 1 goes to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). The iPad, as expected, has caused a big stir, and given people like Walt Mossberg reason to gush with en…

Kindle DX
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Round 1 goes to Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). The iPad, as expected, has caused a big stir, and given people like Walt Mossberg reason to gush with enthusiasm about the death of laptops. Throughout, as various members of the press have mused about the death of Amazon’s Kindle, I feel compelled to point out that, contrary to popular belief, Amazon is in a better position now than it was before the iPad. That’s right, if Amazon comes out swinging, Round 2 will go to Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN). Here

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This article originally appeared in Forrester Research.

  1. Peter Cranstone Monday, April 5, 2010

    Excellent post.

  2. :::: Crowd Funding World :::: Monday, April 5, 2010

    but MANY (potential) iPad users want a BETTER device


  3. I spent 2 hours with a new iPad (thankfully not mine but my wife’s purchase) and it’s been sitting on the coffee table now for 24 hours unused. Reverse technology here: The newer iPad’s bigger and less capable than my older 3GS iPhone. One will go with me everywhere. One will collect dust. I expected as much as wasn’t disappointed. It WAS easier to hold and type on that I thought prior to actually touching… and yes, it DOES look and act slick. But it’s a redundant toy.

  4. Exaclty. Team up with taiwanese companies to create yet another crappy overpriced android tablet in a market already overcrowded with such useless pieces of junk by the bazillions. Brilliant plan.

  5. The game works both ways. Apple also benefits from Amazon.

    If I were to buy an iPad, I would certainly use “the decade’s worth of reviews, comments and community connections that Amazon’s bookstore has” to choose books I wanted, and whenever possible, buy them through iTunes and read them on my iPad.

  6. This post captures reality quite quell. Amazon has brilliantly built what I call the Kindle bookshelf (not the device, the inventory of paid e-books). First for the X million of hardcore readers who already own Kindles and second for the prospective e-readers who want to dip their toe into the e-reading space but don’t want to be beholden to Apple. And the Kindle bookshelf being readable on all devices (including Apples) is very important. In short, if you are going to purchase an e-book and have it live someplace in perpetuity, whom do you most trust with your “library”? For most readers, Amazon is the trusted relationship there, and Apple will have a hard time displacing it, any more than Amazon can replace the trusted music relationship that most users have with Apple.

  7. So what? I like AMZN. I USE AMZN. But, I wouldn’t touch the stock– really high P/E. Apple has much more growth potential; there’s still a lot of Windows users out there, after all…..

  8. I would suggest to Amazon that they drop the Kindle-Line alltogether. Why did Apple initially start iTunes? Because the whole Music-Download and play business sucked. I believe Amazon started the Kindle because there just was no eBook Reader besides a PC or Mac. In fact nothing to take away with you on a train or vacation, nothing for the couch or the bed. What they came up with was not really a breakthru device, was it? Is it?
    Now there is a benchmark hardware from a hardcore hardware company. Plus it has the Amazon app on it. What more could they ask for? Amazon’s not a hardware designer they want to sell books!

    PS: I admit that I didn’t read the full post. Sorry I got bored with it.

  9. I strongly disagree with Eric. My wife and I both have iPhones. I purchased the iPad and now my wife wants one. Why? Well, the iPad is more capable than the iPhone *in the home*.

    Browsing: I’ve browsed plenty of times with my iPhone at home, but never enjoyed the experience. I enjoy the size of the iPad. Browsing is, IMO, at least as good on the iPad as it is on my laptop based on how *I* use my laptop. I mainly connect via RDP to my desktop. Now, I’ll just browse.

    Pictures: We all accepted the trade-off of size and quality on the iPhone in exchange for being able to have all of our pictures in one device. Well, not you get the convenience and you get *better photos*.

    Reading: Reading is better on the iPad, IMO, than the iPhone and my laptop because I can sit back and enjoy
    as opposed to leaning forward, crimping my my back.

    Video: What can you say? Again, the screen is king. If my wife wants to watch “Gray’s Anatomy,” I’ll just
    grab the iPad and go into another room.

    Now, will I take the iPad with me to run errands. No, but I didn’t get it for that. Will it come with me on
    vacations or on flights? Are you kidding? Why compromise?

    The iPad has basically turned my iPhone back into a phone.

  10. One other thing, I an a professional software developer. I use three monitors to due my work. Personally, I think pretty much all laptops are toys. There are items to be endured when a desktop is unavailable. Laptops are too slow, not high enough screen resolution, poor multi-monitor support, god-awful aspect(why is it so hard to buy a laptop that *isn’t* wide-screen), the keyboards are too small.

    I can go on and on. The iPad is a great device and has put the personal back in PCs.

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