Apple’s iPad is less than 24 hours away from being released in the wild. By this time tomorrow, a huge number of people will have an iPad in hand and frantically looking for new iPad-specific apps to put their new tablet through its paces.


Apple’s iPad is less than 24 hours away from being released in the wild. By this time tomorrow, a huge number of people will have an iPad in hand and frantically looking for new iPad-specific apps to put their new tablet through its paces.

Personally, I’m really excited about Game Table.

So, what iPad-specific apps are you looking forward to installing right away tomorrow? Let everyone know in the comments!

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  1. Netflix, I pre-ordered the 3G version (sigh, still a lot of waiting for me), but Netflix video anywhere sounds amazing.

  2. iHomework for the iPad looks awesome! I loved the iPhone version.

  3. Netflix!
    I wonder if there are going to be new versions of Byline and Tweetie, or if we should start looking for iPad-specific Twitter and Google Reader apps.

  4. Games would be first on my list if it were the only thing on the list. Are you getting your comic books too?

  5. Gary Hunter Friday, April 2, 2010


    1. Ditto! Keynote!

  6. Manuel Romo Friday, April 2, 2010

    Numbers, Pages and Keynote

  7. Definitely Netflix. It was a great move putting that on the iPad.

    I also got Pages, Wolfram|Alpha (just discovered the website, it’s amazing), and The Early Edition.

    Along with, of course, the freebies like ABC Player, NYT, Twitterrific, etc.

  8. Michael Davis Friday, April 2, 2010


  9. PhotoFramePlus – http://www.photoframeapp.com

    1. Rather self-centred! :P

  10. The Usual Suspects

    Wolfram Alpha
    Delivery Status
    A few Twitter apps

  11. @CHILLIX Really? The first app you will install is your own, which isn’t even available yet? Come on.

    The app looks sick though. I tried to find it on the App Store.

  12. Instapaper Pro! I cannot wait.
    Then Flight Control, Mindnode and the iWork apps.

  13. I’ll admit to having bought my first load of apps yesterday, so that I can sync the iPad when I get it and be totally ready to go with apps, music, and video. Here’s what I got:

    -Productivity: Keynote, Pages
    -Reading: Kindle (iPhone version), Marvel Comics app
    -Games: Scrabble, Secret of Monkey Island (iPhone version), Mirror’s Edge
    -Music: half-a-dozen music-making apps, some iPad and some iPhone
    -Entertainment: Netflix, NPR

    I’ll wait to download the iBooks app tomorrow so that I can test the app-download experience on the iPad itself.

    1. Formatting fail. Ouch.

  14. Seriously though, Zen Bound 2 looks great and Weather HD too (although it’s pure eye-candy) TweetDeck. Fingers crossed that PhotoFramePlus gets approved for tomorrow :)

  15. When I get my 3G iPad, MLB.com At Bat 2010 will be the first app I install.

  16. Painting app | Comic books app | Netflix app | Pages app

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  18. I ordered a 3G iPad (and therefore wont get it for another month but..) I have already downloaded Numbers, Pages, Captain’s Log, Tweetdeck (for iPad), Sketchbook Pro, Worms HD and Weather HD.

  19. oh, and iBooks

  20. The first app I will install is iMockups so I can finally see try our app out on a real iPad for the first time :D

  21. Easy: iBooks, the iWork trio, OmniGraffle, Bloomberg, WordPress and that hideous time waster, Fieldrunners.

  22. appAddiction Friday, April 2, 2010

    Apparently I’m suffering from appAddiction.

    Today I spent $50 on iPad apps and I haven’t even ordered an iPad!!

    I’m waiting for 3G version obviously but still seems weird that I’m spending money for apps when I don’t even know when I’ll have money for the iPad. [yet]

    • Pages
    • Keynote
    • Words with Friends
    • Bento
    • Charadium
    • Labyrinth 2
    • Weatherbug Elite
    • Drawing Pad (for my 8 year old)

    Lots of freebies: The best being
    – Netflix
    – IMDB
    – Pandora

  23. First, 1Password

    Second, Wall Street Journal (I subscribe to both print & web with free iPhone)

    Third, Pandora

    Fourth, Slacker

    Fifth, Schzame

    Sixth, The Weather Channel

    Seventh, Woot Watch

    and useful iPad specific apps such as iBook when it’s available.

  24. I bought the iWork suite, and a downloaded a lot of free apps,
    The ones I guess I’ll be using a lot:

    • Marvel Comics(Comic Book Reader)
    • Twiterrific (Twitter Client and browser)
    • i-Journals (Note taking, web browsing and maps)
    • iBooks (Books from Apple and my own collection)
  25. Mint app. So I can track my money to make sure I budgeted for the iPad correctly.

  26. I’m excited about multiplayer board games, like PartyPat.
    I myself made one too for the launch. I was carrying around that idea for years, and now finally: twittguess? http://goo.gl/Ibg4

  27. TapTyping. I want to get good at using the iPad virtual keyboard.

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  29. I’ll install Chirp Frame — http://chirpframe.com :)

  30. Try iLineup for iPad!

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  32. what is the video format for the i-pad? and how do i install a video to the apple i-pad…


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