I have stated that LogMeIn Ignition can be the killer app for the iPad. The ability to remotely access and use any Mac or Windows PC from the iPad will be simply awesome. The iPad version of LogMeIn Ignition will be available on Saturday.


I made it clear that LogMeIn Ignition can be the killer app for the iPad. Take the current ability for iPhone users to remotely access and use any Mac or Windows PC, and update it to take advantage of the big screen of the iPad and you have a winner. The folks at LogMeIn just let me know that the updated version of LogMeIn Ignition for the iPad will be available Saturday through the app store.

The new version will cost the same $29.99 as the iPhone version. The great news for current iPhone version owners like me is the updated iPad version will be free for us. You heard that right, iPhone LogMeIn owners get the iPad version free. Take a look at the screenshot to see how awesome this is going to be. IT support people are no doubt now applauding the news.

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  1. are there any chances for a mouse?

    1. The iPad doesn’t support a mouse, I don’t think.

  2. James, have you heard anything about a SSH and/or VNC client for the iPad? (I have no previous iPhone experience so don’t know the apps.)

    1. Here’s the answer:


      The author says iPad version will be available April 3.

  3. Instead of LogMeIn, how about OS X on my iPad? ;)

  4. Any chance you could do a video of this to show us James? I’d love to see the Windows 7 desktop in use here!

    1. Plan to do so. I envision using this a lot.

  5. James,
    If only the Ipad had a wacom digitizer?
    Could you load this up for us, and try to use the pogo stick (or similar pen) to work the Win 7 Tablet PC tools, including inking and text recognition? …and does it work fast enough to be seemeless?
    Maybe there’s a special glove you could use to avoid vectoring. Maybe there’s a bluetooth or wifi keyboard you could use with it.
    If this could work, we could have a high-end cpu & memory on the real computer.

  6. That is FREAKING AWESOME that they chose to make this a free or cheap upgrade for iphone users. I think the RDC or something like it would prove to be a VERY strong app for the ipad, and not really sure why AAPL doesn’t offer it as such.

  7. Don’t forget the free TeamViewer(for personnal use, fair play required)available for iPhone/iPad, Windows, and OSX…

    So easy to use !

    1. True but it’s not a universal app meaning it’s not optimized for the iPad :(

  8. …. So “the Killer App” is available from some weeks with teamviewer for iPhone (iPad)… Very nice interface !

    LogmeIn is just decon in this

    Free for personnal use !

    Test it !


    1. Not bad at all!! And the price is right

  9. Mistake :

    LogmeIn is second in this software category !

  10. wooohooo! James – do you get the sense that it will be a limited time thing, or not? I’m painfully waiting for my 3G unit, but I own the iPhone version. Thanks for sharing the great news, and I totally agree with you about this being a killer app with the multitouch real estate of the iPad! I cant wait!


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