iTunes 9.1: iPad Support and Genius Updates


Just days before the iPad lands in our hands, Apple has updated iTunes to version 9.1 so that we can sync content onto the new device just as soon as we post our unboxing photos to Twitter. iTunes 9.1 provides the ability to sync books from the iBooks app and adds some improvements for managing Genius Mixes. The update is available in Software Update, but details have not been posted online at this time.

Genius Mixes can now be rearranged, renamed or removed. You can rearrange Mixes with click-and-drag.

And Mixes can be removed by right-clicking and choosing “Remove Mix” or using the “delete” key. If you accidentally remove a Mix, you can “Restore All Mixes” by right-clicking on Genius Mixes in the lefthand source list or on the background.

To rename a Genius Mix, click directly on the title. As seen below, use the Esc key to cancel editing and revert to the original title.

The iBookstore is not yet available in the iTunes Store, but Audiobooks are now found under “Books” in your library and we have to assume that this is where you will manage iBooks content as well. It might be of interest to some that the iBooks app appears to be the first app in the App Store (as opposed to the apps that are built-in to the firmware releases) that will sync content with iTunes directly. I know a number of developers that would love to have USB-syncing of content for their own apps, but I suspect that this feature is restricted to Apple’s iBooks at the moment.

It is possible, but pure speculation on my part, that the filesharing settings that have been spied in the iPad might open up a standard method of syncing content between computer and iPad. If so, we can only hope that this feature will be brought to the iPhone in a 4.0 release.

Some cosmetic changes were made to the Advanced tab of the iTunes Preferences window to include iPad among its more diminutive counterparts. Of course, seeing “iPad Remote” immediately makes me dream of a new Universal App release that utilizes the bigger display for an even better iTunes/Apple TV remote.


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