Tired of looking at the bland, stock Music application on Android? Cubed can jazz up the experience with a 3D interface that easy to use and nice to look admire. It’s a beta app, but offers solid base features plus a few advanced ones too.


Now that I have more of my music migrated to a new 16 GB memory card, I’m listening to tunes more often on my Android handset. The native Music player is OK, but it’s fairly boring to look at and use. AndroidGuys recently reviewed a beta application called “Cubed,” although you’ll find it in the Android Market as “3″. I’ve used it for a few days and it’s far more exciting than a plain, simple list view of music.

As the name implies, the navigation interface is a cube: spin it up or down to browse by album covers or twirl it left and right for quick alphabetical searches. If you’re not into the cube thing, 3 offers two other views. The wall option shows a scrollable grid with two columns of album covers, while the boring view is just a plain text listing. Actually, it may be called boring, but the large artist name with smaller album title has a little Microsoft ZuneHD feel. Each view still shows music controls, making it easy to play, shuffle and skip around.

The app is fairly intelligent and customizable too — it can retrieve album art over the web if needed. And since the visual interface utilizes album art, you’d hope this feature would be there. In fact, I love to play a music and watch the cube rotate around like dice at a craps table with each new song. Another setting lets you choose if the music controls are at the top or the bottom of the screen. And Cubed also supports Last.fm scrobbling so you can tell your friends what tunes you’re listening to. One close call: I almost couldn’t find the music scrubber controls, so I originally thought you couldn’t navigate back or forth in a song. As I was shooting pictures of the app however, I tapped inadvertently under the song title, and what do you know: a scrubber. It looks nice but doesn’t offer a very fine level of control — and it took me a couple of days to find it. ;)

Overall, the free download offers a far better visual interface than the standard Music app found in Android. I’ve included the QR code above for Android handset owners, so happy listening and don’t get too mesmerized by the addictive cube!


QR image for the Android Market courtesy of Android Guys

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  1. nice find! sure wish google would update that media player w/the next android build

    so far a pretty cool music app.

  2. Not a bad looking app. Nice Christmas album, but it’s March. I suggest “A Day Without Rain” instead.

    1. I have the entire Enya catalog, so shuffle brought up the holiday tunes. ;)

  3. Direct Market link for those reading from their phones (or cyrket if you’re on a PC)


  4. Hey, I am checking this site from my BB and it looks kinda funky. Thought you’d want to know.

  5. episode6 thanx for the link, was taking me forever to find this app

  6. Tried this app. and 2 weeks later I removed it as I found it swamp may Motoral Milestone (Droid). Looks nice, has great features, but too much of a resource hog.

  7. Cubed only reads sdcard. What if I have a large internal memory? Ie. 8BG on HTC Incredible.

  8. The best music player on Android is without any doubt Music PlayerPro! I tried PowerAmp, mixzing, cubed, lythium, but it’s definitely the best! It has many features (tag editor, artist and album art grabber, many browsing types, lyrics, several different playlists, and many more…). It also has 5 home screen widgets and 2 lock screen widgets. It is a very customizable app, you can pick between 9 different skins! The last release is absolutely great, it includes song ratings!
    It’s the must for Android!

    1. Which media player supports gapless playback? for some strange reason 3(Cubed) media player is designed to always insert gaps in between tracks with no simple option to run gapless playback.

  9. The BEST music player for Android.

    The only thing i wisch for is a “car mode” with bigger buttos for skipping to next/prev song. So u can use it when u drive.


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