As a long time Verizon customer I was ecstatic to hear that the Nexus One would appear for the Verizon network this week. I must have hit the Google site dozens of times and I still find the lousy message that it is “coming soon.”


As a long time Verizon customer I was ecstatic to hear that the Nexus One would appear for the Verizon network this week. I have played with the Nexus One and it is one sweet smartphone. The BlackBerry Storm is getting long in the tooth and the Nexus One would be an awfully good replacement for it.

I must have hit the Google site dozens of times this week and I still find the lousy message that it is “coming soon.” Google and Verizon are still sending those who click the link to the Droid web page. Come one, where is the Nexus One, Verizon?

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  1. Verizon sucks a**!!!
    If they don’t announce a release date by the end of this month, I am switching to T-Mobile.

    1. Good riddance loser… cry cry cry…we don’t need anymore 12 yr old on the network so don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

      1. Sorry you bought that ugly Droid feel for you …

  2. yup, feeling your pain. I even tweeted it to @Vzwoffers no reply… someone stole my xmass!!! As these are the times of year I am excited for…

    Keep up the good work and let us know if ya hear anything by posting it!!

  3. Steve Brandon Friday, March 26, 2010

    I’ve been hitting the Nexus One site for the same reason and getting the same result. I thought this week would be it–especially with the Skype announcement.

    Now, I’m thinking…wait till summer??? Check Clearwire coverage in my area? The new phone from Sprint looked sweet. Last time I checked, Sprint’s network was growing, and I’ve waited this long for Verizon and the Nexus One, why not a few more months and a better phone?

    1. I with all of you…nothing can hold a candle to Verizon’s network and the Nexus seems like the first legit state of the art phone to hit with them. I called Verizon this week and they said……drum roll……Next month….booooooo hissssss. Yeah I was bummed to hear that too. I think it’s cuz they had the trademark issue pop up earlier this month. What better time to announce this and hit the market hard then during CTIA…oh well…good luck guys.


      1. “Nexus seems like the first legit state of the art phone” I guess you missed the Moto droid release… It will still be the best phone on the network even after the nexus one…

  4. Why are you asking Verizon that question? Google is selling the phone!

    1. Exactly!! Why are you blaming Verizon?!! The phone will come out when it’s ready.

  5. Edna St. Vincent Millay Friday, March 26, 2010

    I am very eager to get my hands on a Nexus One. Hope springs eternal in the human breast, but my hope is beginning to wane.

  6. Verizon is just bending everyone over the barrel and laughing because all of us idiots are still on their shitty network and paying out the ass for oversold plans/data pkgs.
    They will see that by this time next month, they will have lost at least 10% of their customer base just because of the non Nexus/Incredible release. They are just hurting themselves and all the other carriers are smiling wide with open arms.
    Just look over the last 5 years of phones. AT&T gets Razor first, then iPhone. Verizon gets what? BB’s?? Whoopie.. every other carrier has them too. Droid sucks donkey balls and Eris is a Nexus wanna-be. Already outdated and will NEVER get the 2.1 update.

    F YOU suckas!!!

    1. You’re trying to be funny with a hint of ghetto, but you’re doing a much better job of being putz. Are you really still riding the at&t crappy network and dropped calls regularly train???? Yeah they get the technology first, but seriously if you can even put verizon in the same sentence with at&t about plans, service or call quality you’re whacko…you’d think in this day and age that at&t would get their act together and learn…FIX YOUR NEXTWORK, SPEND THE EXTRA TIME AND LOOT SO YOUR CUSTOMERs DON’T HAVE TO SPEW THINGS LIKE NELLIGAN to cope with being an at&t subscriber. But hey, then there’d be two verizons and no luke wilson comercials…ha


    2. Nelligan…. To start out, AT&T was the first to get the Razor and in the long run that phone turned out to have more problems than most other phones out there. You may disagree, but you probably did not have access to the internal tech reports and materials that actually show all the issues and bugs the phone had. When it comes to the iPhone, Verizon actually was offered to be the carrier of choice and they turned it down. (they knew the issues the phone would go through and also did not like the exclusive warranty/troubleshooting requirements Apple wanted). Besides, how many incarnations has the iPhone had to go through to finally get some basic features that other phones have had for years (ie, picture & video messaging, and others) ? So far 3.. The actual ONLY reason that AT&T currently has the largest customer base is purely due to the number of people that got sneakily convinced to buy the iPhone on a shaky network. You also may not know the actual number of people that leave AT&T to go to Verizon.

    3. Calm your monkey ass down and stick with AT&T, it’s so not that serious…

    4. I have figured out 2 things about technology. 1. Macs are better than PC’s, and Verizon has the best network in the US. Yes it is expensive, yes their stores are filled with village idiots, yes, their tech service is slow, and yes they are late as s*** with their phones, BUT, I hardly ever drop a call and that is why I have a f***ing phone, to make phone calls. The other stuff is cool and useful, but it is all crap if you can’t connect. So, I will bitch and whine about Verizon being lame and late with the Nexus Incredible and Nexus One, but in a month, I will have it and it will seem like this annoying delay never happened. Meanwhile, Mulligan will be dropping calls long after the Nexus One comes and goes. I will not leave Verizon, until someone has a network that compares. I may be waiting a long time.

      1. ActuallyKnowsSomething jojoz11 Thursday, April 1, 2010

        “1. Macs are better than PCs”

        This discredited everything you have ever said in your life about technology. “Better” is a relative term, and can not be used to distinguish between Macs and PCs. You can like Macs better, but that is different than Macs being better than PCs.


        ““1. Macs are better than PCs”

        This discredited everything you have ever said in your life about technology.”

        …Truth bomb.

        JOJOZ11 is obviously a mainstream consumer, lacking a true tech understanding of computer hardware

      3. I agree with KDUBB, if you knew anything about tech you would understand that when you say “mac is better than PC” you are really saying, “i like the fancy looking operating system”. if you are going to bash pc’s then understand that a “pc” is a PERSONAL COMPUTER, nothing more. therefore you like the mac OS better than Windows. which also means, like KDUBB said that you are another idiot consumer that will pay double what he should for a computer half as powerful as the comperable pc.

        On the note of the Nexus one, it is going to be an epic release for verizon. so far the only thing that comes close to a decent smart phone are the blackberrys. the droid is nice, but the nexus has the snap dragon processorand the new nvidia chip. this phone should have been the killer of the all high and mighty iphone but i am afraid that when verizon recieves the iphone in 2011 that it will ultimately crush the Nexus.

        that is just my person opinion on the matter and i welcome any critisism.

      4. I couldn’t have said it better! Most of us have tried the other networks at one time or another and we (at least we who want our phones to work) come back to BigRed. Toys are cool, but phones that work are much better.

  7. I was at Fry’s electronics Fri afternoon and asked the Verizon sales person when they were getting in the Nexus One and she said that her manager told the staff yesterday that they were not getting them in. I hope she or her manager was is wrong, or at least get something better in the next few months, like the HTC Evo.

    1. She was correct. As of this date the official word is that only corporate stores will get the nexus one. Official resellers will not have access to them due to contracts tied to the nexus one. Another Iphone like blunder since the premium Verizon retailers far, far, far, far outnumber and out sell the corp stores.

      1. The official story is that the Nexus One will be sold exclusively by Google, with contract pricing for Verizon. This is why there are reports of the HTC Incredible being stocked in Verizon’s central warehouse, but not Nexus One. As far as current marketing strategy, though, you’ll never see a Nexus One in a Verizon Corporate store OR retailer.

  8. i wanna switch to tmobile as well. does anyone know how to get out of a verizon contract for free?

    1. easy. Get an address where Verizon doesn’t offer service.

  9. @ Nelligan – if by “the Droid sucks..” you mean that it is more powerful than any other phone of its kind, then yeah, good point.

    I’m anxious for the Nexus One…and I will be selling my Droid once I obtain it..

  10. So, I was watching TV and saw a yet another add for Verizon’s Droid…their special where if you buy one, you get the second one for free? offer ends 3/31…do you think that Nexus one will launch then?

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