I have no shortage of smartphones but I have to admit they are getting long in the tooth. Why do I have a feeling I see a superphone in my future? It’ll be “want one” then “I gotta have one” in short order. How about you?

HTC Desire

I have no shortage of smartphones around Mobile Tech Manor but I have to admit they are all getting long in the tooth. The rash of “superphones” getting announced right and left have my phones looking over their shoulders to see what’s coming to kick them to the curb. I can’t remember feeling such phone envy as I’m feeling now in a long time.

I listed the 5 phones that have my eye, and every one of them is a head-turner. The advances in phone processors being used now have my phones feeling downright puny. There is nothing that makes me feel good like a phone that is lightning fast when I want to do something.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit the HTC EVO has brought this phone envy to the surface. The thought of putting one of the fastest phones, if not THE fastest, on the Sprint WiMAX network is simply irresistible. The performance of the EVO must approach the equivalent of “think about it and it happens.” Imagine the feeling you get when that happens, and then imagine having that feeling all the time. It’s almost too much for a geek to bear.

Why do I have a feeling I see a superphone in my future? I’ve been in this boat before, and the longing will only get worse as time passes. I’ll go from wanting a superphone to “I gotta have one” in short order. How about you? Take the poll and share what you think about these new phones in the comments. Do you see one in your future?

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  1. Definitely not looking at getting rid of my Pre any time soon. Unlike many, I love the form factor and the small size. The battery could be better, but other than that, this is the phone I’ll be using for the foreseeable future.

    (I usually keep my phones for 2 years or so before replacing, I find that I get more of an upgrade that way).

    And especially today with the 800mHz overclock I just put on my Pre, I’ll be using it for a while… unless the overclock makes it die an early death, but the speed increase feels worth it. :p

    1. I’m there with you, I have the Palm Pre, and will keep it, even though I might buy the new HTC Evo 4G, the Palm Pre will still be used with the wireless setup, I like the WebOS alot, and Palm did a good job on making it, is just the hardware that has me thinking of getting a new phone, I dont know if its just me, but the hardware itself can use a complete overhaul. If Palm were to come out with a hardware like the HTC HD2 with WebOS, it can definately be a game changer. If I were in charge of palm, I would still be creating hardware, but also make a deal with HTC to come up with the hardware, imagine a HTC Sense on WebOS ? :)

  2. I’ll consider a superphone, sure. I’m willing to bet HTC is already working on a follow-up device for the TP2 that will blow other keyboard smartphones out of the water. The problem right now is that we still know so little about WP7 or it’s final specs, and we have yet to see any hardware other than barely functional prototypes.

    If I could get a TP2 with an OLED display, fast snapdragon processor and built-in 4G, I’d call that a decent superphone. If it came with 64GB storage built-in and WP7 as the OS, I would be pre-ordering it as we speak. That’s my wish-list anyway.

    For the moment though, I could pick up a nice deal on a TP2, throw on a few cool accessories and get by with the good stuff WM6.5 does let me do, rather than wait for something that may not come, or turn out to be a let-down.

    1. GoodThings2Life Thursday, March 25, 2010


  3. Michael Hunter Thursday, March 25, 2010

    I’m constantly buying new electronic toys. But the current rash of supersmartcoolphones while actually having a phone that is reasonable (iPhone 3G) has me in a wait and see mode. How far up the tech ladder do I want my smart phone, where relative to that do I want my next laptop, and do I wedgie a pad (new; currently have an x70) in there or do I only need two devices. Things are changing fast but I’m not unhappy. My next tech plateau is gonna be cool!

  4. Hopefully Blackberry hits the drawing board and updates it’s 0S. Like James said, Blackberry is due for a upgrade.

  5. SuperPhone to MundanePhone Thursday, March 25, 2010

    It will be nice when the evolution of smartphones runs its evolutionary course and becomes just a mundane part of our lives, sort of like cordless phones on landlines. What do you think that handset will look like? Processor? Screen? Weight? Battery life? Key Apps?

  6. John in Norway Friday, March 26, 2010

    Until phone technology starts going forward again there’s no way I’m giving up my nokia E90. I’ve had it for 2 years now and there hasn’t been anything that’s come close to it in terms of hardware or software. And anything with the word ‘super’ in it makes me as mad as Reggie Perrin! (Probably showing my age there).

  7. I am waiting for the 2 Ghz SnapMonkey processor to be released. The 1 Ghz SnapDragon is becoming stale already. Also want 4 Gigabyte of internal RAM. 512K just doesn’t float my boat.

    As for that EVO, that dual camera is totally awesome, prolly its killer feature. Somebody is gonna run with innovative front-side camera apps.

    1. A bigger leap than any clock speed increases will be designs based on the Cortex A9, which will be out-of-order, as opposed to in-order, and has the possibility for multicore chips.

  8. Heck, my BlackBerry tried to kill itself after seeing the rash of new phones coming out! I thought it was a sign, but it turned out to just be the battery failing.

    Frankly, I’m just not seeing overwhelmingly compelling reasons to shell out, what to me is a non-trivial chunk of change (in terms of not just the phone, but the often mandatory and very pricey data plan), for a smartphone; none of the phones, including those in the queue qualify as super to me.

    Sticking with what I have seems even more likely after being put through the ringer (big time) by T-Mobile when trying to order a N1.

  9. Why are we still talking about phones. On these devices, telephony is only one function among many. But I really love the way technology is moving! All communications, information and abig share of media functions in ob´ne device – wonderful.
    Looking forward to the Dell Mini5.
    By the way: Why are most people still holding the phone to the ear: Never heard of bluetooth?

    1. I refuse to call telephony devices anything other than “phones” or “smartphones”. I once read an article where the author argued that we should stop calling these devices phones, but every alternative he desperately proposed sounded horrible. His favorite was “comm”. Gimme a break.

      When people use the word “phone” these days, the broader range of functionality is understood. Words evolve. There was a time when “computer” meant nothing more than a calculator.

      I hate Bluetooth headsets. They sound terrible on the receiving end, they look tacky (especially when worn continuously between calls), and they’re yet another device to charge and carry.

  10. Yeah, the Dell mini-5 has my eye.

    But not as a blackberry replacement, for me. As a complimentary device for mobile internet.


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