Is Your Phone Looking Over Its Shoulder?

HTC Desire

I have no shortage of smartphones around Mobile Tech Manor but I have to admit they are all getting long in the tooth. The rash of “superphones” getting announced right and left have my phones looking over their shoulders to see what’s coming to kick them to the curb. I can’t remember feeling such phone envy as I’m feeling now in a long time.

I listed the 5 phones that have my eye, and every one of them is a head-turner. The advances in phone processors being used now have my phones feeling downright puny. There is nothing that makes me feel good like a phone that is lightning fast when I want to do something.

I would be lying if I didn’t admit the HTC EVO has brought this phone envy to the surface. The thought of putting one of the fastest phones, if not THE fastest, on the Sprint WiMAX network is simply irresistible. The performance of the EVO must approach the equivalent of “think about it and it happens.” Imagine the feeling you get when that happens, and then imagine having that feeling all the time. It’s almost too much for a geek to bear.

Why do I have a feeling I see a superphone in my future? I’ve been in this boat before, and the longing will only get worse as time passes. I’ll go from wanting a superphone to “I gotta have one” in short order. How about you? Take the poll and share what you think about these new phones in the comments. Do you see one in your future?
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