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Google’s Mobile App lands on the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 today. The voice query supports three languages and searches the web, contacts and emails. But even with apps like these, the BlackBerry platform isn’t really driving the mobile web.


Have a BlackBerry Storm or Storm2? Here’s a forecast for you — Google Mobile makes an appearance today and is yours for the taking. The software finally arrives on Research In Motion’s touchscreen phones as a free download from Google’s mobile website: http://m.google.com. With it, Storm owners can search the web, contacts or emails by voice, which is often far quicker than using a software keyboard. I typically use voice search over a typed query on my touchscreen Nexus One for this very reason. Voice search on the Storms support three languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese.

Even with helpful software like Google’s new app, I don’t think BlackBerry will make a dent in the top-used devices as measured by some. Take, for instance, the most recent AdMob report that Om noted today at GigaOm. This quote is telling: “Between iPhone and the Android, I wonder if anyone else has a chance to even become a player on the mobile web.” A bold statement, yes, but it’s backed up by the data.

One BlackBerry device was in the top ten as measured by web requests on AdMob’s network of 15,000 mobile websites — the 8830 was barely above the Palm Pre. Granted, the data is based the AdMob platform, which likely has a far higher number of data points for iPhone and Android devices, and not BlackBerry units. But for all of the market share gains RIM has shown — see the trend in our recent infographic — the handsets don’t seem to be a driving force for the mobile web; Or at least not as much as other platforms are. Perhaps a new browser will change that?

  1. Now I can delete the previous one that I had on m Storm. That one was really for the Other Blackberry phones but worked pretty good on my Storm 2.


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