Magazine publishers were already beginning to imagine how tablet devices might reboot their fortunes long before the April 3 retail date for…



Talk about overkill.

Online-only women’s mag Viv‘s main approach to the web to date has been merely to republish its pages through Zinio’s e-reader widget. But it commissioned art photographer Alexx Henry for this lavish, motion-heavy concept that repurposes a standard lifestyle feature through over-the-top Sin City-style film noir videos.

What happened to the core text of the article? It’s lost in the self-conscious art-studio pictures-and-graphics that are likely to prove expensive and cumbersome to commission throughout the mag, month after month. “We are not doing motion for motion’s sake,” Henry says…

Really? Even a manager from creative software house Adobe says: “I have a very hard time thinking that this represents the future of magazine publishing – any more than that such rich short films would take over the magazine world via CD-ROMs.”

Here’s another in which Henry conceptualises an Outside magazine feature, the text of which the reader doesn’t get to read until sitting through 35 seconds of video…

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