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Related GigaOM Pro Research Report (sub req’d):

The App Developer’s Guide to Choosing a Mobile Platform

Infographic by Column Five Media

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  1. Thanks for providing this – very insightful

  2. Again, good graphics Edit! Now will you take in consideration the iPad in your future totals? On one hand it is not a smartphone, on the other, it will run the iPhone OS.

    1. The inclusion of iPad would make sense and when comes time, we would update the graphic (or do a new one) to showcase the changing market share etc.

      1. In that case, why not add in iTouch numbers now?

        But you would also have to add in Zune numbers for Microsoft….

      2. Wait a sec. That doesn’t make any sense. This is a smartphone graphic. The iPad is not a smartphone, even if it does use the iPhone OS. If you’re going to include the iPad, then you need to include netbooks, other tablets and all the other portable devices. And all devices that use Android, whether phone or not (set-top boxes?). That’s a completely different graphic.

      3. If the iPad cannot make calls then it doesn’t make sense to add it in. The primary function of a smartphone is as a communication device – if you take the call function out it’s no longer a phone.

      4. If you include ipad in this list, you should also include HP slate, a full windows 7 Pad.
        Smartphones are other things and tablet PC is other thing. Why to compare these ?

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  5. But Android is Linux too..

    1. Was just about to say the same thing…

    2. No its not GNU/Linux at all, it uses a bastardized linux KERNEL though

      1. :) I’d like to see that as the label, lol.

        Add one more: bastardized Java and VM.

        Because it also runs it’s own Google-ized, non-standard version of Java, on it’s own VM, Davlik.

        In other words, the heavy lifting is done by Java, the Linux kernel is used for threading and memory, which is interesting that Java, or at least this fork of Java, is reaching it’s original intended use – that of small devices.

        I don’t particularly care for the fact that they’ve pulled a sort of a Microsoft move in “embracing and extending” Java, but they’ve got their own reasons, and the rest of the architecture looks pretty cool. libc, “derived” from BSD, WebKit (same as Safari, with roots in KDE), SQLite, etc.


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  7. J. Pablo Fernández Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Android also uses the Linux kernel. Maybe Linux represents another OS that uses the Linux kernel?

  8. Where does Palm fit under? Linux? Other? Both?

  9. What non-android linux based os’s are there for smart phones then?

  10. The Iphone os is linux also.

    Probably most of the phone OS are based off linux.

    And then how many different variations of android are there.


    1. iPhone is not based on linux, although they are both “unix” like.

    2. From what I know, the iPhone is based on BSD (similar to Linux).

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