INQ today launched its social mobile phones in India. With MS Dhoni, captain of the Indian cricket team, as its spokesperson and Aircel as launch partner, the company hopes to sell INQ Mini 3G and the INQ Chat 3G in large volumes in India.

At our Mobilize 09 conference, Frank Meehan, CEO of London-based INQ, told me that his company was going to follow on the heels of its successful Facebook phone with more devices, including lower-cost smartphones targeting fast-growing mobile markets such as India. Today, the company launched its social mobile phones in India — and INQ has roped in MS Dhoni, captain of Indian cricket team, as its spokesperson. Aircel, a mobile carrier, will be selling the device to its customers. The INQ Mini 3G and the INQ Chat 3G will be available in India. The INQ Chat 3G is a QWERTY device. The highly competitive Indian mobile market has made it difficult for carriers to bank solely on voice revenues. The INQ devices are being made available at a time when Indian carriers are looking for ways to goose their data revenues.

By Om Malik

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  1. Thanks for the news. I wonder they support orkut ?
    If they can support orkut and facebook , they can sell a boatload of these phones.

  2. The smartphone is the computer!
    Only more so.

    I believe the rapid spread of these smartphone devices, at lower cost, accessing the web and social networks, in places with a billion people (like China and India) are going to remake our world faster and more completely than did the Internet (1.0).

    And for INQ, this sounds like another winner.

    What’s cricket? ;-)

  3. Om, just like you can’t keep yourself away from India and Cricket, marketers would loose big time if they don’t come with right plans! And INQ for sure seems winner for Facebook and Orkut hungry Young India.

    Brian: Cricket is more than any sport for India!
    Check more:

  4. priyadarshini Saturday, April 17, 2010

    Its really nice for us Indian that INQ social mobile phone is selling by AIRCEL and AIRCEL is providing free internet service with the phone.


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