Verizon is coaching sales staffers to encourage consumers to pick up Apple’s iPad and connect it to its network via a MiFi. It’s an expensive proposition for users, but it’s a reminder that the MiFi will be a powerful tool as more tablets come to market.

Verizon Wireless is trying to cash in on AT&T’s latest toy. Calling Apple’s iPad “an opportunity for VZW,” the nation’s largest carrier in a memo obtained by Engadget is coaching its sales staffers to encourage customers to pick up the much-hyped tablet but skip the 3G option and connect it to Verizon’s network with the $100 MiFi.

At first glance, it’s a compelling pitch. Consumers can save $130 on the iPad by forgoing AT&T’s troubled cellular network, and high-powered users might be swayed by the fact that the MiFi can power up to five gadgets simultaneously. But the MiFi is packaged with a 5GB data plan that costs $60 a month, while AT&T offers its unlimited iPad data service for only $30. Regardless, though, the effort is a timely reminder that with its MiFi Verizon be well-positioned to leverage the flood of iPad-like devices slated to come to market later this year — even if those gadgets aren’t actually sold by Verizon.

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  1. Another good option would be the Overdrive by Sprint. Gives you 3G and 4G coverage (if you are lucky enough to live in a 4G city). 4G is unmetered bandwidth–3G has the same 5GB cap–but a 4G iPad sounds like a good device.

  2. Got my VZW MiFi2200 already, and love it, and it can even handle Second Life. What I don’t know is how Second Life will look/run on the iPad that I will be getting, without ATT telecomm capability.

  3. So, why haven’t they done the same thing long ago with an iPod touch/Skype/Mifi combo? Still holding out to be the other iPhone carrier?

  4. William @ OptionSpreadStrategies.com Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Doesn’t make sense. Why would anyone choose to pay $60/mo for Verizon when AT&T is $30/mo for unlimited internet? Not gonna happen. I will be buying the iPad day one, most likely with the 3G option.

  5. i just have real hard time seeing longterm appeal of the mifi. i just seems so obvious to me that eventually wifi tethering to the cell phones people already carry will dominate mobile broadband. at least when 3G is not built into the device.

    i see a day coming soon when it no one will buy(or sign a service contract for) a smartphone unless the device and service contract support unlimited wifi tethering at a reasonable price.

    1. When it comes to the long-term you’re right, Tom. But we’re a long way from the kind of Wi-Fi footprint that will be necessary to dominate mobile broadband usage. MiFi won’t have much appeal for those carrying a single device, but for road warriors with multiple gadgets it could be an attractive alternative.

  6. The problem I have with my wifi is it’s rubbish on a train or moving but my iphone is fine.

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