1. I’ve been using Posterous for a few months now. I originally had a couple of personal blogs and I ran a mind mapping blog on WordPress.

    When I moved to Posterous I was able to import all the blogs into a single account. With everything in one place, it’s so much more easier to maintain all my different blogs.

  2. Thanks Matthew!

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  4. I find Posterous great for my personal blog especially posting content when on the go – emailing in photo’s or blog posts.

    I send my photo’s there versus Twitpic or similar tools as the service does not have ad’s and you can brand your Posterous blog.

    They have also recently launched the ‘scheduling later feature’. Posterous is one of the simplest ways to start blogging I know and is definitely worth checking out.

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  6. lionelvaldellon Friday, June 25, 2010

    It’s simple to use, has a built-in comment system, it can output to the major social media channels, and it’s got a great community on it already. I see a great future for Posterous. I only hope it continues improving!

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