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Mobile giving campaigns are being launched for the relief effort after Chile’s massive earthquake Saturday. Texting campaigns raised more than $41 million following January’s earthquake in Haiti, but is that indicative of how much we’ll use text to donate in the future? Vote in our poll.

Mobile giving campaigns are already under way for relief efforts in Chile, which experienced a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake Saturday morning. Americans can text the word “CHILE” to one of several short codes to donate $10 to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army, among other groups, and can donate any amount by texting the word “CHILE” and a dollar amount to the short code 27138. Whether or not the carriers will speed up the delivery window between the text and the actual donations as they did for Haiti is another question.

Donating via text has been around for more than two years but attracted national attention after users donated more than $41 million following January’s devastating earthquake there. While that figure shattered previous text-giving records, at least some of the Haiti contributions were surely driven by the novelty factor. So it’s unclear whether the tremendous success of the Haiti campaigns are indicative of how much we’ll continue to use our phones to give. Readers, what do you think? Let us know in the poll.

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  1. Not via TXT – it costs me $$! I’ve been reading about all the little cuts that come out of donations and would rather find a way to have more of my money go to a good cause. Look at these:


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