Weekend Vid Picks: Johnny Weir, Too Gay for Figure Skating?

Last week, one of the stranger controversies to arise during the Olympics had nothing to do with authentication, thanks to commentators on the men’s figure skating competition, who strongly insinuated that sixth-place finisher Johnny Weir might be “too gay” for the sport. Johnny Weir’s own response¬†was presented in video without comment by the AP, and showcases his dignity and poise.

But I’ve increasingly begun to wonder this when a gay political or cultural issue gets zeitgeist-y — what would That’s Gay‘s Bryan Safi think about that? And on Thursday Safi let us know his thoughts, getting particularly ruthless about those who might try to “butch up” figure skating this latest installment of the series.

Anyone who watches a trailer for Weir’s current Sundance Channel reality series Be Good Johnny Weir would get a sense that there’s very little ambiguity about his actual sexuality.

But to cast judgment in this fashion is to entirely miss Weir’s point. As Weir sees the world, there’s no gay or straight — there’s just awesome. Frankly, that sounds like a fun world to live in. And thus, I leave you with Johnny Weir skating to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face.

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