VIDEO: Gen. Colin Powell on Bloom Energy & Working for Kleiner Perkins

At the launch event of fuel cell company Bloom Energy last week General Colin Powell, who is on the board of directors for Bloom Energy and a limited partner for venture firm Kleiner Perkins, talked about his experiences of working with Bloom and his vision for Bloom’s server for the developing world. Powell called the Bloom server “a breakthrough product,” and said that 5 years ago he met with Bloom’s founder KR Sridhar in his garage and joked that nowadays he still gives Sridhar the occasional lecture — I still act like a General, Powell quipped.

To see the complete video of Powell’s speech watch this clip from The Auto Channel and move ahead to 25 minutes, 40 seconds. After Powell’s speech he joined a media Q&A and I grabbed this really short video clip of Powell talking about what it’s been like to work with Kleiner Perkins. It’s not the best camera work and he gave me about a minute before he left the room, but I thought I’d post it anyway:Here’s a clip that Mashable took of Powell answering a question during the media Q&A on whether Powell had talked to the military about using Bloom’s server:

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