webOS with Flash, Video Recording for Sprint Customers Today?


Sprint customers with a Palm Pre might find an over-the-air webOS update today, with Pixi owners following over the weekend. PreCentral and a host of others noticed the upgrade plans for version 1.4 on a Sprint forum, but the post was pulled down. That could mean a delay for the rollout, but without an official announcement, the update really can’t be considered late, can it? Time actually is running out on two fronts, though.

For weeks, folks have had expectations that webOS 1.4 would hit the airwaves during February. With the date being the 26th, that leaves the remainder of today and this weekend to meet that hope. More important, but related, is the time it’s taking Palm to generate handset sales and revenue. As James noted, Palm yesterday reset measures of the company’s performance. The cause? “[S]lower than expected customer adoption of our products,” said CEO Jon Rubinstein in a memo to employees that the Wall Street Journal got a hold of.

Whenever webOS 1.4 arrives on Sprint — it’s already showing up on some GSM networks outside of the U.S. — it will be welcome. Based on the change log, expect enhancements to the Calendar, Messaging and Email applications as well as native video recording capabilities. The Pre will also gain support for an Adobe Flash plugin that will appear in the App Catalog. Unfortunately, Pixi owners are left behind for now when it comes to Flash support, much like Windows Mobile 6.x handset owners.

There’s still no word on some of the basic items I’ve long wanted in the browser like a visual indicator of where you are on the page and support for anchor tags. And since I’ve abandoned the platform for now, I won’t know if those items are fixed. I’ll be living vicariously through you other webOS users, so let me know, OK? With my luck, all of my issues are resolved now that I’ve sold my Pre.

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