Hands On With a Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster


[wpvideo l0Y9a3Ht w=600]

The Sleek Universal Cell Phone Signal Booster from Wilson Electronics debuted last month at the Consumer Electronics Show. I took a brief look at it then, but recently received a review unit. Unlike a similar model I tried last year, this new version is less expensive, smaller and works with a wide range of phones and carriers. That’s all great on paper, but how does it actually perform? I use an iPhone to test the signal boost in this video and show how to put your iPhone into Field Test mode for a more accurate signal measurement method than counting bars.

Although the Sleek is geared for automobile use, you could use the optional power adapter to gain a signal boost at home as well. Overall, I’m impressed with this $129 amplifier solution. Folks that travel in and out of coverage areas should definitely consider the Sleek due to it’s universal nature, multi-band frequency support and smaller size.

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