Security services firm ZScaler is out with its “State of the Web” report for Q4 of last year, which presents views — many of them graphical — of the changing habits and patterns of web users. While some results are predictable, there are a few surprises.

Security services firm ZScaler is out with its “State of the Web” report for the fourth quarter of 2009, which presents a number of views — many of them graphical — of the top level domains in various tech categories most often sought out by web users. While some results are predictable, there are quite a few surprises.

ZScaler’s data largely lines up with reports from analysts and others in most technology categories it tracks. Its survey numbers show that search engines remain “a three-horse race,” as seen here, with Google leading at 57 percent, well ahead of Yahoo, with 18 percent of the search engine market. Microsoft’s Bing comes in at third with 10 percent, while Disney’s Go.com search engine, which is powered by Yahoo, is actually in fourth place, but has only 1.22 percent of the market, according to the survey.

A whopping three quarters of the huge and growing volumes of traffic on the web aimed at social networks are headed for Facebook, according to ZScaler’s numbers. MySpace still commands 15 percent of traffic to top social networking sites, but we’ve written about the dark clouds hovering over it.

Among the top file-sharing and torrenting sites around the globe, there are some surprises in the ZScaler data, as seen below. Si@mBIT, a Thai web hosting provider that specializes in serving torrents, led with 37.49 percent of all file-sharing traffic online in the fourth quarter. The third-largest domain, tb.in.th., is also controlled by Si@mBIT, and commanded about 13 percent of file-sharing traffic.  Without a doubt, non-U.S. sites dominate the file-sharing scene.

In addition to becoming the most trusted brand in America, Amazon is the top shopping site online, according to ZScaler’s data. However, there is healthy competition among shopping sites. ShopLocal.com is right behind Amazon in this survey’s results, and Macy’s and Shop.com are very competitive too.

There are quite a few other interesting data points in the ZScaler report, which is available online.

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  1. I was disappointed with my recent visit to shoplocal.com, so I’m a bit surprised to see them as high as they are on this list. There’s just certain things that you can’t find with the site that are easily searched on established CSEs like Sortprice.com.

  2. Social Networking Software Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    I have to say I’m a bit surpised by the social networking numbers. I knew that Facebook was on top however I had no idea it had outpaced MySpace by that much. It will be interesting to see the numbers in 2010 now that Google has introduced Buzz into the mix which so far seems to be a huge hit.

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