Google (NSDQ: GOOG), which shook up the e-mail industry when it integrated chat with e-mail, is now trying to catch up to its rivals by lett…

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Google (NSDQ: GOOG), which shook up the e-mail industry when it integrated chat with e-mail, is now trying to catch up to its rivals by letting Gmail users share status updates. The WSJ reports that Google will soon add a “new module that will allow Gmail users to view a stream of status updates from people they choose to connect with.” If it catches on, that could potentially add a new force to the Twitter-dominated microblogging world, considering that Gmail had 132 million unique users worldwide as of last March (the last figures I could quickly get my hands on).

Unlike with chat, however, Google is actually following its two biggest e-mail rivals — Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) — in letting users share and track status updates. (Big caveat here: We don’t actually know all of what the feature involves or what it will look like; we’ve asked and will update if we hear back).

But Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) added social networking-like features — which let users share activities around the web, along with status updates, called ‘notes’ — to Windows Live way back in November 2008. And Yahoo announced in August that users of Yahoo Mail would be able to share status updates.

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  1. Oh yes, here we go. Google is now a major social network:)

  2. I’ve posted a little piece I’ve written about how this move makes Google look more and more like Microsoft, expanding into other companies area of domain instead of being on the leading edge of innovation.

  3. Google could be doing what MS did, but the degree of success will differ to a large extent and tilt in google’s favour. All of us are used to Google and its product range – gmail etc etc. I dont see a direct competition to facebook but i seriously feel that Buzz will start eating/swallowing twitters share!

  4. This is a good news. Google preparing to taking its rivals means that there is a major competition ahead.

  5. My status will be, still not concerned. I love the search engine, no matter what you type in it will find porn. Kids need to learn these things somewhere.

  6. Now, the users will keep constantly open not only Facebook, twitter but also Gmail. But I think they have to try hard to encourage people use it. Everybody has just got used to the most famous socil networks.

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