What You Should Be Reading This Weekend

At our GigaOM company meeting, Simon Mackie, editor of WebWorkerDaily shared his views on why every weekend he publishes and shares a collection of articles & blog posts he had read over the week. Taking a cue from him and my friend Paul Kedrosky, I am sharing a list of articles/posts which I think you should read this weekend.

* Rolling Stone Magazine interviews Steve Jobs: One from the archives. This interview conducted in 1994 lays out Jobs’ vision of the future. Much of it is coming true.

* Google Me to the Moon: In a beautiful nostalgic essay, Angels Riechers writes on Google Maps, GPS and the lost art of navigation & discovery.

* Davos is for wimps, ninnies, pointless, skeptics: Michael Lewis, perhaps one of my favorite writers skewers the Davos set. Rightfully so.

* Why spray on glass is going to change everything: This could be one of those game changing technologies that changes everything we touch.

* A rebuttal to Fraser Speirs’ Future Shock/ iPad Essay: Brian Dear writes a coherent, spew-less piece that is a joy to read, even though I don’t quite agree with many things he says.

* Winners, losers from Apple iPad roll out. EE Times does a good job of breaking down the silicon winners and losers of the Apple iPad rollout.

* Better user experience with story telling: Francisco Inchauste outlines how we can use story telling as a way to stand out in our increasingly crowded digital world. He thinks we can use stories to connect “as real people, not just computers.” I totally agree and have used this technique in my work as a magazine writer. Now as part of the new new media, I am constantly striving to learn how to do that on the web.

And a bonus self-serving link to my post about MTV’s new logo in almost 30 years. Even though I was part of MTV generation, for me in this post Internet age, MTV is completely irrelevant. Have a read!

PS: If you would like to send interesting essays and writings, please drop me a note using the “contact” form.

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