Good utilities are often those that do a single thing, but do it extremely well. That’s the case with the Logitech TouchMouse app for the iPhone. It connects to PCs and Macs over Wi-Fi and provides multitouch control over the computer, all from the iPhone.


Some of the best utilities are the ones that do simple things, but do them very well. That is the case with the Logitech TouchMouse for the iPhone. This free app connects with a Windows PC or Mac over Wi-Fi, and turns the iPhone into a big multitouch trackpad complete with three mouse buttons. The TouchMouse user is able to completely control the PC or Mac using the iPhone. There is even a touch keyboard for text entry if needed. I don’t even need to tell you how cool it is to scroll around on a Windows PC using multitouch on the iPhone instead of a trackpad.

Why is TouchMouse useful? A number of scenarios come to mind — controlling a media center from the sofa is one, or how about giving a presentation and using the iPhone to control the slides? I tested the latter on both my Mac and a PC and this worked flawlessly. I was able to get as far from the notebook as desired, since Wi-Fi requires no line of sight, and advanced the slides at will.

Logitech TouchMouse is free and in addition to the iPhone app — available in the App Store — a server application must be downloaded for the computer. There are Windows and Mac versions of the server software at the TouchMouse web site.

  1. Quentin Dewolf Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    will they hve an android version?

  2. Reminds me of this app for WebOS, tried it long ago when it was in its first beta as a simple mouse app as this logitech one is but it has since grown into a media player control app with the bonus of also having a touchscreen mouse control for other computers.

    Sadly its is not free as the logitech one is but it sure can do a lot more.

  3. Quentin, you might try Gmote on Android. Works very well and has some additional functionality over what I can see here. http://www.gmote.org/


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