Video Review of Nexus One Dock — Is It Worth $45?


[wpvideo ZbHGm9zy w=600]

UPDATED. Google shipped my Nexus One Dock two days ago and it arrived this morning, even though I picked the free ground shipping. I’ll give them credit for the shopping experience — it was seamless and obviously the delivery was quick; on a Saturday morning, no less! The dock has a very minimal look and feel, which is good and bad. You’ll see why in the video — I’m not convinced the metal interfaces between dock and handset work consistently.

Then there’s the price question — is it worth $45? That’s a personal decision of course, but keep in mind that the dock includes a duplicate phone charger for the phone; so you’re getting both a dock and second charger.

And then there’s that wireless Bluetooth functionality to pipe music from the phone to external speakers that you provide. I initially wondered why Bluetooth would be used, but now I see why — without a USB interface between phone and dock, there’s no other way to get data or music between the two. About that Bluetooth — there’s a limitation that I didn’t expect.  I really like the “night mode” however — although I didn’t show it in the video, the phone displays the time in an old-school, green alarm clock color that’s not too bright.

Update: The dock actually is capable of streaming Bluetooth audio when the phone isn’t in the dock. Thanks to Josesxi for pointing out another review demonstrating it. Perhaps there’s an issue with my phone or dock because it’s a hit or miss type of function for me.

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