Nexus One Phones on T-Mobile Hit With Nationwide Data Outage?


UPDATED. Thanks to a tip from one of our readers (thanks Gerard!), it appears that there’s a huge data outage for Nexus Owners on the T-Mobile network. I’ve verified the issue on my own Nexus One and just did a little digging. According to forums at both T-Mobile and XDA-Developers, it’s a wide scale issue and nobody seems to have an answer. One would hope that this has something to do with fixing the 3G issues on the handset, but I think that’s an overly optimistic view. The fix would likely be announced from Google or HTC, for starters and it wouldn’t hamstring the entire T-Mobile network for Nexus One owners.

When I try to access the web over 3G, I get redirected to a T-Mobile page with this statement: “To connect to the web with the device you are using, you will need a webConnect data plan.” It’s almost like everyone that has a Nexus One with T-Mobile SIM suddenly “lost” their data plan at the same time. Early reports say this happened around 4:30am ET. For now, I’m on Wi-Fi, but for Nexus One owners on the road, this is a disappointment. I’ll get an update out once I gain more info or the problem is resolved.

I have to wonder: are the only people with this issue the ones who bought the unsubsidized phone? When I bought a SIM for mine — which I bought unsubsidized — there was a hassle to get the plan I wanted. The rep ended up adding a different data plan and then told me he’d have to switch it to the Android data plan. Hmm….

Update: As of 1:00pm ET, I noticed that my data connection was restored. I’m also hearing similar reports on Twitter. For now, there’s no official word on the root cause or solution.

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