Google’s Nexus One handset became available over three weeks ago, but the anticipated docks have been MIA. Today, the bedside dock launched in Google’s online store, so I ordered it for several reasons. Aside from charging the phone, the dock includes a Bluetooth radio!


Finally, after much anticipation — it’s here! OK, maybe I’m overly excited by a simple phone dock, but I really need something to hold the Nexus One while I sleep. I’ve tried to hold it myself all night long, but that effort has only resulted in cramped fingers and extra screen smudges. So I’ve just ordered the phone dock for my N1 at the cost of $45. As expected, it does include a Bluetooth radio and Google says it pairs with the phone automatically upon the first physical dock. This allows for wireless music playback through the dock to external speakers that you provide.

Placing the Nexus One in the dock automatically brings up the Clock application thanks to the small, metal contacts on the bottom of the handset. This provides clock functionality, alarms, picture slide shows, music and one-touch local weather. Is it worth the $45? Some would say that’s a bit much although it charges the phone while docked. Since I’m relying heavily on the device as my bedside alarm, I’m dropping the cash for it. If you’re not sure the dock has the functionality you need, you can grab the PDF user guide to get a better idea of the features.

  1. Hey, that convinces me to get one.

    Also, I really enjoy the blog, pretty useful re mobile tech.



  2. Kevin, I grabbed one as soon as I saw it was available. Like you I am using it as my clock, so having the stand is a must. Now I just need to dig up an old set of speakers from a previous computer purchase to play my music.

  3. The dock impresses me more than that Apple thingie…

  4. Got my Nexus One Dock! The music streaming makes this really great, and Ill use this a lot. I captured some of the features on video here:


  5. got mine too! well, ordered that is.. :)

    hope i get it before i leave for NYC! would be very nice for my traveling/alarm clock needs :P

  6. Does this docking allows to play FM radio over airwaves (not wifi or pandorra)?

  7. They probably sourced it from Taiwan for $5.

  8. Cool. Now where’s the car dock?

  9. I don’t disagree with the other commentators… it has a good feature set for a cellular phone dock, but my major problem with it is that it barely holds the phone. If you plan to have it on your desk or anywhere else where you might actually use it, or even touch it, it is going to fall out of the dock. I would recommend NOT buying it until Google releases one that securely holds your new Nexus One phone in place.


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