Om is drooling over the iPad at the moment and getting ever more excited about the feel and capabilities of Apple’s new device. His thesis is that the Amazon Kindle is dead and the iPod is going to change media forever.

Om is drooling over the iPad at the moment, getting ever more excited about the feel and capabilities of Apple’s new device. His thesis is that the Amazon Kindle is dead thanks to the rich media capabilities of the iPad as well as the full software-based keyboard. Oh yeah, and there’s all those apps Apple already has in its App Store, which put the Kindle’s platform efforts to shame.

The iPad already delivers some of the stellar features the Kindle does in order to make that a dedicated e-reader (and as such, better than your smartphone), such as a long battery life and a bigger screen, but instead of offering it in black and white, it offers it in color, complete with rich media. It’s like comparing Kansas and Oz. That rich media experience will change the way organizations deliver their content in that it will allowing them to include video, interactive charts and all sorts of other fun things. The price for rocking your media world? At the low end, an iPad with Wi-Fi will set you back $499, but if you’re willing to splurge there’s a version with more memory and a data plan (that’s extra) for $829. It will be available starting in late March.

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  1. I just don’t see what purpose the ipad really serves? As an ereader with only ten hours of battery life you have to constantly be recharging it. As a computer it does basically the same thing any other computer does. I don’t see how this really adds any value over existing devices.

  2. Jobs: “It is the best browsing experience you’ve ever had.”

    Are you kidding me? So my 25″ monitor provides me with a worse experience? How naive does he think we are?

    How does he propose I carry it around?

    Jobs (talking about the keyboard): “It is a dream to type on.”

    Sure, it can be a dream to type on, if it is on my desk. Or, if I am on the go with this magical mobile [insert what you think it is] device, on the back of a homeless person on the street. What if I drop it accidentally? Do I just buy 5 of these to make sure I can get my mail on the bus!

    Call me an Apple hater all you want, but this giant iPhone is going nowhere.

    1. Unless you’re 25″ screen is also capacitive touch, yes, I can see how this would be better. Direct touch is always going to be easier for the end user than anything indirect like a mouse.

      1. “Direct touch is always going to be easier for the end user than anything indirect like a mouse.” Simply not true. With touch you have things like mishits. Selecting things with a mouse is more accurate than by touch and also quicker.

        Yes you heard me right. You might not believe it until you experience it. Ever heard of the game Elite Beat Agents? Probably not, but it’s a rhythm game played with a stylus. Someone made a PC version that is played with the mouse which now has a community of over 100k+ users. If you ask the users there, they will tell you they prefer it to the stylus counterpart. This game is also available on the iPhone (in the Cydia store) and the mouse has the best experience.

    2. 3 million Ipad’s in 80 days. Going nowhere? Clueless, you are.

  3. Broadcast James Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    The point of the Kindle is the “digital paper”. You could always read novels on your Laptop’s LCD, but it’s an eye-strain issue.

    Different product. You’re comparing SUVs to trucks here. You’re probably right that it will cut into that market, but really the Kindle is a different product, and that’s worth pointing out.

  4. Completely agree with broadcast james. though I bet e-ink wished they had an ipo already

  5. If I can read a book on the ipad in the sun out by the pool in Vegas, then you’re right.

  6. I think Kindle beats iPad in many ways:
    1. Global wireless
    2. Paper-like display
    3. Loooonger battery life
    4. Cheaper option ($259)
    5. I don’t know if iBook has this but Kindle has dicitonary lookup, capability to highlight, add notes which is really good.
    6. Thinner than iPad, 1/2 lighter than iPad

    So people who just want to read will surely go for Kindle.

    1. Could you clarify how the ‘global wireless’ in the kindle beats the iPad’s optional 3G? Don’t they use the same global standard?

      i think you’re right that ‘people that only want to read’ will be better off with a kindle. The question apple seems to be providing the answer to seems to be: ‘what if you want more?’

      There are always going to be devices that do JUST ONE THING better. i think that Apple has shown with the iPod Touch that they believe there is a bigger market in ‘not quite so dedicated’ gadgets.

      1. By global wireless, I mean that amazon advertises a flat fee for 3G access outside US. http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Wireless-Reading-Display-Generation/dp/B0015T963C#kindle-features-wireless

        I am not sure if 3G will be available on iPad outside US.

  7. TIVOBOY says, nope, AMAZON will still have a large market for the kindle.

    Much lower price point, much longer battery life, much easier on the eyes, much cheaper books at least 50%, so I’m not worried more than I was yesterday about Amazon and their Kindle product.

  8. I also completely agree with Broadcast James. I love Apple products, have a MacBook, have had every iPhone model. Recently changed to try out the Nexus One. Also have a Kindle. I’m keeping my Kindle and am not tempted to buy, what is essentially an iPod Touch with an eating disorder. The reason I got the Kindle in the first place was because of the e-ink display, so I could read for hours without it being an eyestrain. Bonus that the Kindle battery far outlives the iPad’s. And it’s cheaper. I’ve got a laptop, I’ve got a smartphone, I’ve got a real ereader. I don’t need something that doesn’t really know what it’s trying to be.

    I was looking forward to this announcement for something truly revolutionary, but have been left distinctly underwhelmed. Meh.

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