Did you miss Apple’s big introduction of the iPad? Here’s the nuts and bolts of what the device is all about — from hardware specifications to software details to pricing for Apple’s latest creation.


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Updated with additional specifications and images from Apple. After much hype, speculation and years of waiting, Apple introduced the world to its new tablet, the iPad. Here’s a brief rundown on this multi-functional, multi-touch device that looks like a bigger version of the iPhone. What’s most astounding is the reasonable pricing and no-contract, low-cost deals for 3G connectivity. Looks like I did OK on my earlier predictions, although I priced it too high.

Display: 9.7″ IPS capacitive display, resolution unknown as of yet. Resolution of 1024 x 768

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Thickness: 0.5″

CPU: The Apple A4, a 1GHz ARM-based CPU powers the iPad.

Input: An on-screen keyboard is used for text, or an optional keyboard can be used. Gestures and touch also work. There is no handwriting input or recognition.

Connectivity: 802.11n Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, a U.S. contract-free 3G option is available for $14.99 for 250 MB per month or unlimited for $29.99 a month on AT&T which includes free AT&T hotspots. International deals by June, but all iPad 3G models are unlocked.

Storage: 16 to 64 GB of flash memory

Battery: Integrated 25 W/hr battery rated at 10 hours of video watching, web surfing over Wi-Fi or listening to audio.

Peripherals: A keyboard dock will charge the iPad. A case will also be available.

Pricing: $499 for the base model with 16GB. $599 for 32 GB. $699 for 64GB. 3G adds $130 to any non-3G model.

Availability: Shipping in 60 days for Wi-Fi models, 3G models to follow 30 days later.

Applications: Apple leveraged the existing iPhone app store so all current apps will run on it. Apps can be pixel-doubled for full-screen usage. YouTubeHD videos will play in full screen. There appears to be no support for Adobe Flash. E-book content will be available through the new iBooks application — prices look higher than on Amazon. iWork is completely redesigned for use on the iPad, complete with gesture input and interaction.

  1. Honestly, every bit as useless as I anticipated. They failed to show what the actual purpose for this is.

    The only surprise to me was the price.

    And some of the screenshots look like carpal tunnel waiting to happen:


    Could you imagine typing with it so close to your body like that, while having to look down directly at your lap to see the screen? Looks painful to me.

    1. The price is indeed surprising and I personally won’t consider a purchase until I spend some extended time with the on-screen keyboard. I gather that most people will snag the keyboard dock, which serves too purposes. I’m also shocked about the 3G plans — no-contract is great, although you’ll have to ante up the $130 for the 3G functionality to begin with.

      1. I am still kind of wondering why it’s an extra $130 for basically a 3G chip. Isn’t that pricey?

      2. Actually this price point isn’t surprising when you think of what this isn’t:
        a) A game changer
        b) Worth more than $300 if it was from anyone else
        And c) (the biggie) That most of the revenue from this will come in app/iBook/iTunes etc. sales

  2. Agreed… fiq the price would be $200 more for base model.

    But, I’ll be staying wing my Fujitsu p1620 for now.

  3. Joshua Blankenship Wednesday, January 27, 2010

    Actually quite surprised. But no flash, so streaming from Hulu, etc. is a no go – very disappointing. And I haven’t seen anything about a headphone jack? That’s quite odd. The iPhone OS is kind of a let down. It’s temping, even to me. But too much is missing. HP’s slate running full Win7 seems like a better deal to me, perhaps. Besides that, we’re gunna see a slew of these devices with Tegra looming on the shores. I’m waiting. I honestly think the iPad is just the beginning.

    1. Joshua Blankenship Wednesday, January 27, 2010

      Ah. There it is.. headphone jack.

  4. I can imagine spending hours on the toilet with this……;-)

    1. I agree, the iPad is the ultimate toilet web browsing device.

      It’s one of the Top 10 reasons to Buy the Apple iPad

  5. I hate to be negative, but I really can’t imagine that many business users being interested in this.

    It looks like more of a novelty, entertainment type gadget, rather than a truly utilitarian type device. You will still need to take a laptop with you on trip to be truly productive and efficient, and a laptop can do all this can plus more.

    It will have it’s niche market though, and I think it will sell well. People who want to sit on the couch for 20-30 minutes, get comfortable, and check their e-mail or browse the web. Although I don’t see why you wouldn’t just use your i-phone for that? Seems sort of redundant to purchase both i-phone, i-pad, and still have another primary laptop.

    1. But for people like me, who have neither an iPhone nor a laptop (and I realize that you’re all unable to grasp this concept, but there it is), and who is more interested in portable content consumption than content creation, this is a pretty attractive device.

      1. Why don’t you just buy a netbook. Having a full desktop OS will allow you to consume more content more conveniently than a mobile OS.

        The Acer Aspire 1810T is great choice at $600. It also has H.264 hardware acceleration which would allow you to play 1080p video files and Flash movies with the upcoming Adobe Flash 10.1 (the beta works great so far).

        If you want smaller then you could get the MSI Wind U110 or any other netbook that uses the Intel Atom Z530 and GMA 500 which also has H.264 hardware acceleration.

      2. The differentiator I see is that this is the first large-ish device with a temp data plan.

        Going on a business trip, or vacation? Shell out $30 that month. Otherwise, just use wi-fi.

        Not for everybody. But a nice size and form factor between a phone and a laptop. Want something more capable in that size range? Get a Tablet PC or some slate PC coming out soon.

      3. @aj: because I don’t want a netbook. I want a slate tablet. If it wasn’t the iPad, it would be the eDGe or the Notion Ink Adam or something else in a touch-style device with no physical keyboard. Again, I realize that the fact that I do not own, and have never owned, either a laptop/notebook/netbook or a smartphone makes me something of a rare bird around here, but there it is. I want a slate, and given the available options, I think I’m gonna go with the iPad.

    2. No matter what we think, this thing is going to sell shedloads imho.

      I could maybe seeing myself using it for business, particularly meeting notes in Evernote, keeping all my notes/tech info, interactive service demonstrations, mindmaps etc. all available now from Apps. With a robust connection and the keyboard I’d see myself using Logmein. A nipple for a mouse would be good though…

      Now, I assume that you can redownload all your existing iPhone apps for free, just like you can do on multiple iPhones/iPod touches. Certainly hope so!

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that it’ll sell a ton, just by virtue of being an Apple product. I just haven’t been shown anything that screams out “this is why we need this”.

  6. 1024×768 res. Same size, shape and res as our beloved TC1100’s. Not using widescreen is a good thing as it’s more natural for reading documents etc. in portrait.

    1. I am very surprised at the low resolution.

      1. Any higher and you can barely use it on a 10″ screen.

  7. I have my Mac netbook (ala Dell 10v) arriving tomorrow. Still infinitely more useful to me when traveling light than the iPad. Can’t believe they didn’t develop their own processor since they acquired that company last year. Maybe in future iterations.

    1. umm….they did; the Wikipedia entry’s already up for it – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apple_A4

  8. HP slate, Archos 9, even the joojoo tablet look better than the ipad. What a letdown!

    1. I agree, all the other tablets that are already out or announced beats this iPad. This thing is more useless than a netbook. It’s just an oversized iPhone for people with big fingers. No Adobe Flash support and it just runs iPhone/iPod Touch apps (plus some iPad specific ones).

      I’d rather just buy an iPhone over this thing. If I where to get a tablet, I’d wait for the HP Slate or get the Archos 9.

      Even though this iPad device is pretty useless compared to other similar devices, I’m sure Apple’s great marketing will trick people into buying it. From reading the comments here I could already tell marketing is working.

  9. It’s a giant Touch, upgraded. Useful as a combination media player, ebook reader, and web surfer device, light gaming…a “waste some time in the dentist’s waiting room” device.

    The price is attractive, and the 3g AT&T connection isn’t a half bad offer either.

    But I’ll wait for the HP Slate to come out before making a decision.


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