During today’s unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited tablet, now officially known as the iPad, Steve Jobs also briefly detailed a couple of accessories that will be making their way to market to go with the new 9.7-inch device, one of which is a keyboard dock, with another […]


During today’s unveiling of Apple’s long-awaited tablet, now officially known as the iPad, Steve Jobs also briefly detailed a couple of accessories that will be making their way to market to go with the new 9.7-inch device, one of which is a keyboard dock, with another being a protective case.

The keyboard dock not only acts as a charging station for the iPad, but as the name suggests also offers an integrated full-sized keyboard. Jobs commented on stage that the need for a specific physical keyboard, versus that of the iPad’s on-screen offering, is useful for when “you really need to do a lot of typing”; giving the example “if you’ve got to write War & Peace, just plug your iPad in.”

Apple has also since added that the keyboard dock features the typical 30-pin connector, which will allow for the device to sync to your PC or Mac while still docked. The inclusion of the 30-pin connection also means that other compatible devices can of course be attached. The dock also has an audio-jack so you can plug-in your speakers and enjoy a more full-on experience.

So, with Apple making it easy to plug-in a keyboard and speakers, it seems they are really hoping this device, with the help of accessories, can replicate a typical home experience, when required. However, it’s clear that one thing is missing; the mouse. Of course, Apple showing no pointing device is very-intentional, but without having that established and common set-up would you be willing to switch away from more traditional devices?

Beyond the keyboard dock, Apple revealed a protective case for their new device, dubbed the iPad Case. Although, while the attractive leather holder may protect the iPad from the elements, it also handily doubles up as a stand. The case can be used in a variety of positions which make propping the device in a position that suits your needs super easy. For example, propping it up to watch your favorite movie.

Following the keynote, Apple’s official website updated with additional accessories. These included a dock, without the aforementioned keyboard attached, a camera connection kit, which offers two ways to get your digital images on your iPad and a USB power adaptor. The full range of accessories can be seen in more detail on Apple’s site now.

  1. No flash?
    No 16:9?
    No iLife?
    No sd reader?

    1. Are you familiar with the UPDATEs concept.

    2. There’s an SD card reader accessory for the iPad listed on the Apple site. iLife could easily come as different apps (iWork vs. separate apps for iPad).

    3. > No flash?
      Worthless, completely replacable with HTML5. Also security bug ridden.

      > No 16:9?
      I see why they chose not to put this idea in. It would’ve been too cumbersome otherwise.

      > No iLife?
      Plenty of other programs out there. It’s not exactly necessary and besides, that can be brought out later if you want it that badly.

      > No SD reader?
      Waste of space and it would have to take away from something else, most likely the BATTERY, in order to be placed in there.

    4. iLife is available on the iPad. There’s an external SD reader that plugs into the 30-pin dock connector. Please check Apple’s iPad Tech Specs and Features pages before making posts like this!

  2. If you are surprised by no flash, you haven’t been paying attention.

    1. I can’t wait for Flash to be completely gone. HTML5 is the way to go.

  3. Why is it that iPod, iPhone and now iPad have different chargers? If I own all the gadgets, I need to schlepp 3 chargers around! Not user-friendly, Steve.

    Regarding the keyboard dock – very sleek, but you should be able to turn the iTab sideways, too. I prefer working horizontally (no pun intended).

    1. The iPad, iPhone and iPod all use the the 30-pin dock connector, which is the same across the board.

    2. I own a 3G Nano and a 5G Nano, as well as an iPhone. A single charger works for them all.

    3. Not true – I have 2 iPod chargers + car chargers for iPod, none of which work with iPhone

  4. Btw – built-in Safari sucks. This is exactly what we’ve been complaining about on Windows.

    1. “Safary sucks” are you serious. Well keep waiting for IE6 for iPad.

    2. I would like to choose what browser I want to use (I use a Firefox browser toolbar)

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  6. Would be nice if i could just use the bluetooth wireless keyboard I already own for my imac and mac mini. Seems like a smarter approach. Maybe iPad 2.0

  7. @ chris

    arstechnica says you can use any BT keyboard you have available.

    I’m so dumb, I thought the “camera connector” was going to allow you to hook up a camera for video chats! Then I read it was just an SD card reader. Even thought the hype had me thinking this was going to be Jean Luc Picard’s tablet pc, I guess it’s technically not a “tablet pc” or else it would be called iTablet. I’ll end up getting one though – on launch day.

    1. Why don’t they just offer an in-built SD reader?

    2. Feature Creep. Too many features that consume precious space on a small device make a fat device. Besides, put that in and you probably will lose an hour worth of playtime on the battery they have in there. I’d rather have a machine that runs for longer than a feature that I’d use once in a blue moon.

    3. me too chris which one u gettin 16,32,or 64 gb

  8. What I silently expected to see today: the MacBook iScreen

    It’s 10.8″ detachable screen has a camera on one side and the connector at the other one, and the dock is nothing less then a MacBook Pro…
    The device will simply let you decide to use it as a powerful computer with keyboard and everything, or as a tablet with touchscreen keyboard, by simply picking up the screen. Hell, it’ll even let you continue to use your MacBook wirelessly so nothing is lost.
    Taking only the iScreen with you out of the building will leave your MacBook waiting for you to return, and the iScreen will turn into a self-supporting tablet. GPS, 3G networking and a car-mount are all included.
    Docked into your MacBook you can simply close the lid as you expect and cary the device safely with you. The iScreen will be charged then.

    to bad… I’d say a missed opportunity?

  9. iPad + keyboard = netbook

    Apple said they hated these!

  10. one thing i can’t get straight on. can one use the iPad as a writing device? Does it have a word processing progam? Could one REALLY write War and Peace?

    1. iWork + Keyboard dock = Duh

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