Dell offered me a look at their Mini 10 netbook powered by the new Intel Atom N450 processor. Take a five minute tour of the device with me as I unbox the device and show an overview of this small, portable netbook.


Dell offered to loan me a Mini 10 netbook to see what the new Intel Atom N450 platform can do. Of course, I said yes and the device arrived earlier this morning. While the Mini line of netbooks isn’t new, I haven’t had any extended time with Dell’s netbook offerings. This particular unit includes the 1.66 GHz N450 Atom, 1 GB of memory, a 250 GB hard drive and 10″ display with a resolution of 1024 x 600.

Although I haven’t had time to put the netbook through the paces, here’s a short video unboxing and overview of the Mini 10. I like how the extended, or six-cell, battery doesn’t stick out from the device, but I’m already not so sure about the trackpad with integrated buttons. Stay tuned for some detailed thoughts after I get a few days with Microsoft Windows 7 Starter Edition under my belt on the Mini 10.

  1. Nice job getting your hands on an N450 unit. I was just about to run out myself for a Toshiba NB305, but the 1024×600 display is a real letdown.

    Did you know that the HP Mini 5102 comes with the 1.86GHz Atom N470? I’m thinking of picking that one up with the HD display and hardware video accelerator. :)

  2. did you buy that shirt after Seinfelds infamous Puffy “Pirate” Shirt episode?!

    Dell was doing good for awhile but this laptop is horribly styled, looks like a big rubber ducky that could float in my bathtub.

  3. It will be interesting to see how much crapware is pre-installed given the lengthy first boot.


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