On the good deals front, while the BlackBerry Curve 8330 isn’t the latest and greatest ‘Berry phone out there, you can scoop one up from Boost for $249.99 with no long-term contract. The same device on a Verizon month-to-month plan is $429.99 as of last check.


Earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show, Boost Mobile announced new unlimited calling plans using Sprint’s network. Those plans seem a dime-a-dozen today, but tucked in the press release was mention of special unlimited plan for BlackBerry devices. Sounds great, except for one small problem — Boost Mobile doesn’t carry any BlackBerry devices. Or at least they didn’t. As of today they do — while the BlackBerry Curve 8330 isn’t the latest and greatest ‘Berry out there, you can scoop one up from Boost for $249.99 with no long-term contract. The same device on a Verizon month-to-month plan is $429.99 as of last check.

Of course, the upfront cash outlay is only part of the equation and that’s where the new BlackBerry Unlimited Monthly plan from Boost comes into play. For $60 each month, Boost offers nearly unlimited everything: 3G data access for the web, email, voice minutes, and texting. But if you need beefy hardware, this might not be the BlackBerry for you. The 8330 doesn’t offer Wi-Fi and only sports a meager 2 megapixel camera. The Verizon version also mentions that it’s an EVDO Rev 0 radio, not the faster EVDO Rev A. But for small business owners or productive-minded consumers, the no-contract deal might trump some hardware shortcomings, no?

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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen any specific comments about it, but in the past, Boost Mobile CDMA users had access to many of the services available to Sprint customers, e.g. Sprint Navigation, Sprint Family Locator, Sprint TV, etc.

    Also, for the first time on Boost Mobile, Pay As You Go is available for CDMA phones (except for Blackberry), so you can get a contract free phone (cheapest new phone @ $79, you might be able to find one of their older phones used for less) and pay only for airtime you use at 10 cents/minute, 35 cents/day for mobile web, and $10 is good for 90 days. This is quite good for a backup phone.

  2. Additionally: you can use Nextel devices on Boost Mobile, though if you activated a Nextel Blackberry 8830i, you don’t get access to BES or BIS.

  3. This is a good deal, but in my area Boost mobile coverage is worse than Sprint coverage. It doesn’t really make any sense to me considering they say that they run on Sprint’s network.

    My friend has a Boost Mobile phone and has really terrible service. It may be the Motorola’s lack of a decent radio but I was very surprised considering Sprint has decent coverage around NW Pennsylvania.

  4. so can i get a used sprint phone(such as a palm pre) and use it on boost mobile?

    1. No, Boost uses the Nextel frequencies. And the month or so I had them, customer support was atrocious. I’d stay far away.

    2. as long as its a cdma phone its possible it will work… for those who do not know.. sprint and nextel are the same company but nextel operates on the iden freq and sprint on the cdma….cdma has a better voice network than nextel

  5. is tethering possible with the blackberry?

  6. It looks like it cannot be made to work with bis, only exchange owa

  7. Chris Smith, DZ:

    Boost Mobile has had CDMA service for almost three years in limited areas; later coverage was expanded to nearly eveywhere Sprint has service, though you needed to claim to be in one of those areas to activate service. However, they haven’t been offering new CDMA phones for about a year (and said they wouldn’t offer new CDMA services or phones).


    It’s possible to get Boost Mobile on Sprint phones, but its a bit complicated, do a search for an explanation. Tethering was possible with Sprint Blackberrys used on Boost, using the same methods people do it on other networks, presumably will work with the Boost Blackberry, however tethering is against Boost’s service agreement.

    1. I see. Well it still doesn’t make sense to me that a Sprint phone receives calls and has service in the same room that a Boost Mobile phone is dead in. I think that there is more to that story of Boost’s service.

      1. Oh, most people with Boost Mobile have iDEN, not CDMA, and iDEN (Nextel) service is definitely not available everywhere Sprint’s CDMA service is available.

        I was just pointing out that CDMA service has been available for some time, what’s new is that Boost has changed its mind about phasing it out and introduced new phones (the 8830 and two Sanyo models) and new plans (unlimited Blackberry and Pay As You Go CDMA)

        I’m really quite tempted to get a Boost CDMA phone on PAYG as a backup.

  8. if i understand i should be able to get an old sprint blackberry(or other cool smartphone) and than activate on boost PAYGO(not the flat rate unlimited) and just pay $0.35 a day for unlimited data(possibly with tethering). can anyone confirm this?

    i have done a bit of reading could not seem to find the answer if these CDMA phones can be used with PAYGO pay by the minutes and data by the day or only on the flat rate unlimited.

  9. The Blackberry works on the sprint CDMA network. Not Iden.

  10. I’m not technically minded when it comes to this stuff. I thought all smart phones could browse the web if they have a data plan. Does this mean that this phone does mobile web? What does the phrase ..doesn’t offer WiFi mean in relation to that?

    1. It means it can’t hook up to your wireless router, or McDonalds, or Starbucks, or anyone else with WiFi…..too bad I prefer using WiFi where available, it’s faster than any wireless data service even 3G IMO.

      1. Thanks – I have a Boost phone already..the i465. They advertise unlimited web but it is just Boost’s web. That is probably something I would have realized had I of educated myself. Anway, does this Blackberry with Boost have the capability of regular mobible web outside the Boost web? I’m so not technically minded.

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