Tablet? Remember Bill Gates’ Haiku?


Gates demonstrating Haiku mockup, WinHEC 2005

In spite of the fact that the tech world is anxiously awaiting the unveiling of the tablet, they’ve been around quite a long time. The most fascinating mythical tablet was rolled out on stage by none other than Bill Gates, way back in 2005. Sadly, the Haiku mockup was ahead of its time, as the hardware technology was not ready for what was a very compelling tablet device. The 6-inch screen of the Haiku was large enough to yield a decent screen’s worth of information, yet still small enough to fit in Gates’ hand. The mockup of the Haiku was also as thin as can be, and the front of the device was simple and not distracting to the task at hand. Or in hand.

It’s too bad that Microsoft no longer has the video online of Gates’ demonstration, it was the forebear of things to come. Too bad the things to come will not be from Microsoft as Mr. Gates intended. Of course, tablets running a desktop OS like Windows have their shortcomings, so maybe this is actually a good thing.


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