Last week, Verizon discounted their voice plans. AT&T came out its own cheaper offerings. The two were simply matching what Sprint and T-Mobile USA have already been offering — cheap voice. BillShrink put together a graphical over view of all the cellphone plans. Check it out.

Last week, Verizon instituted new pricing plans that discounted its voice plans. Its biggest rival, AT&T, then came out its own cheaper voice offers. The two were simply matching what Sprint and T-Mobile USA have already been selling — cheap voice.

It’s becoming virtually impossible for an average consumer to keep track of all the various deals on offer. Thankfully, a Good Samaritan from BillShrink has put together a graphical overview of all the cell phone plans. Check it out, especially if you’re in the market for a new cell phone service or want to switch carriers.

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By Om Malik

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  1. how’ is this news worthy?

  2. Surely we shouldn’t be complaining about keeping track of new deals, we should instead be greatful that providers are continually lowering prices, giving the consumer a better deal.

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  4. A useful breakdown of carrier pricing plans is always news worthy. Interesting that they note there’s 10 million different plan combinations available.

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    Who needs an iPhone? LOL!!

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