I suspect someone in Redmond knows the planned date for Windows Mobile 7, but if they do, they’re still not telling. At least they’re not telling me. However, the Microsoft ecosystem only works because of the company’s partners, and you can bet that they have a […]

I suspect someone in Redmond knows the planned date for Windows Mobile 7, but if they do, they’re still not telling. At least they’re not telling me. However, the Microsoft ecosystem only works because of the company’s partners, and you can bet that they have a little more knowledge in this area. They need the lead time to put all the bits together, so at some point prior to the public, folks like HTC surely have the information. And sometimes, that information slips out.

That’s what appears to have happened on an XDA-Developers thread according to Redmond Pie. A poster was asking about the possibility of Windows Mobile 7 on the HTC HD2 and here’s the response, presumably from an HTC representative:

“Thank you for your enquiry about HD2
What we do it ROM Upgrades from our website, however 6.5 windows mobile has only been out 2 months and windows mobile 7 hasn’t even been developed. This wont be out until next November at the earliest. But when it is available it will be a free download. “

Similar information was tweeted from an HTC account, but later recanted so it’s difficult to separate truth from fiction on this one. But odds are pretty good that it’s legit if you look at a few previously known tidbits. We already knew that Windows Mobile 7 isn’t expected until at least the second half of 2010. And by some counts, it has already been delayed beyond that, although I’m not yet putting stock in those reports. So a November 2010 data is certainly within the known window of time.

And then there’s the hardware of the HD2. Like my Google Nexus One, it runs on Qualcomm’s 1 GHz Snapdragon which makes my Android device fly. It wouldn’t surprise me if this platform one of a few CPUs that fit a standard reference design for Windows Mobile 7. This CPU  has the power to make Windows Mobile 6.5 users happy due to the snappy performance (see our video demo here), so I can’t see why Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t pair nicely with it.

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  1. Why is anybody interested in Windows Mobile 7? Is there any evidence that it will be a better OS when it is finally released than the iPhone OS (OS4.0? when it finally emerges), Android (which is bound to be ahead of current 2.1) or even Maemo? Is there any likelihood that it will be truly innovative and make a great leap forward in terms of functionality and stability?

    1. While I’m currently not using Windows Mobile, plenty of enterprises and consumers are. I’m sure we’ll get a better feel for the updated platform at next month’s MWC.

      Let me take your line of reasoning a bit further though: why is anybody interested in an Apple tablet? Is there any evidence of what it will do or if it even exists? Not specifically no, but plenty of folks are interested, right? ;)

    2. You do know that current versions of Windows Mobile are perfectly stable and include more functionality than any other mobile OS, don’t you?

      1. Ah, that must by why the HTC HD2 keeps crashing all the time because of Windows Mobile, and why Windows Mobile can’t take advantage of the ARM processor’s NEON Floating Point Unit (FPU), thereby slowing it down.

        The Windows Mobile 6.x series is old, it doesn’t recognize modern processors, and needs to be retired.

        Either Microsoft kills WM 6.x and goes to Windows Mobile 7 immediately, or the other option is that Microsoft puts some more lipstick on the WM 6.6 pig, and lets the market kill it off.

  2. MDB your a typical apple google fanboy, both apple’s and googles OS dont even compare to windows Mobile all they both have is better UI other than that Windows Mobile defeats them both in support, features , and functionality.

  3. I find myself wondering a bit as to the relevance of this question at this point, honestly. The HD2 is an outstanding phone in its current incarnation… and as the HTC rep notes, Windows Mobile 7 doesn’t even exist yet (at least outside any possible super-secret development labs at Microsoft).

    People who buy top-flight phones like this will probably cheerfully sell their HD2 on Ebay anyway by the time WinMo7 hits and buy the latest and greatest device to be available at that time.

    Basically, HD2 is outstanding right now, so I’d say there are plenty of reasons to get one as-is. WinMo7 for it falls very clearly into the “Guess it would be cool if they released it for the HD2 somewhere down the line but it’s hardly a big deal if not.”

  4. I think the big deal with Windows Mobile 7 is attracting back people like me who got rid of their old WinMo phone and swore to never buy one again. I don’t want a cell phone with an OS that looks exactly like the one I hated so much 4 years ago.

    … but I do so love that 4.3-inch HD2 screen.

  5. Trolls representing themselves as HTC employees have been a problem on various forums like HowardForums and XDA-Developers for some time. I think HTC cracked down on internal leaks a few years ago as they can cause unwanted scrutiny by the authorities if you happen to be a publicly traded company. I personally tracked down one supposed HTC insider with a following on HowardForums only to find he was a part-time employee of a clothing shop in Taiwan.

    As a HD2 owner I have a casual interest in whether or not it will get WM7. However, I have two questions:

    1. If it does, what will be the synergy of the new WM7 and whatever version on Sense is available then? If HTC buries 7 like they did 6.5 under Sense, what’s the point?

    2. It’s rumored that the T-Mobile version will have more built-in system memory than the current HD2, possibly in anticipation of a WM7 upgrade. Is it possible that some HD2’s will get the upgrade and not others?

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