The Fox vs. Time Warner Spat Takes a Turn for the Insane

We’re not just counting down to the ball dropping tonight, but also Fox channels disappearing off some Time Warner Cable users’ TVs, if the two companies can’t agree on fees for broadcast channels appearing on cable.

So it’s come to this: Time Warner has posted a 3-minute web video explaining how to connect your PC to your TV so you can watch Internet video on sites like Hulu and Fancast. Yes, you heard that right, a CABLE COMPANY is giving step-by-step directions to show users how they can make it irrelevant. Of course, it’s all in the name of blasting Fox for giving away content online for free while expecting TWC to pay for it. But meanwhile, TWC is showing users the very cables with which they can cut the cord.

Thanks very much to Peter Kafka at MediaMemo for screengrabbing the video and putting it up in an embeddable format:

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