Forget What Apple Is Gonna Do — What Do You Want in an Apple Tablet?


The rumors about the mythical Apple Tablet are swirling around at such a rapid pace that my head is swimming. Depending on where you turn, this non-device has a 7-inch touchscreen, a 10-inch screen, a tempered glass screen, a multitouch screen, or even a screen that morphs into a keyboard. Give me a break! It doesn’t exist yet, and the number of people who say the Apple Tablet has a certain feature doesn’t make it so!

Let’s take this approach — what would you like to see Apple put in the Tablet? What features would you find worthy of capturing your dollars? What OS? What apps? Tell us what you want, not what you heard would be there. Add what you’d do with such a beast if it really existed, and it contained the magic features you desire. You’re the ones who are going to buy them, so make your voice heard. Don’t just sit back and take whatever Apple is willing to dole out. Oh yeah, that’s how Apple normally works, isn’t it?

Note: No Apple Tablets were harmed during the production of this post.

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