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From funding to acquisitions to new company launches, these posts will bring you up to speed quickly on what happened in the technology sector last week. This is by no means a comprehensive list, just some of the key developments according to our team of writers.

1. Twitter bought Mixer Labs. View

2. HTC became a smartphone hero. View

3. O2/Telefónica announced Jajah acquisition for $207 million. View

4. Blippy launched. View

5. App analytics firms Flurry and Pinch Media merged. View

6. Google released its Open manifesto. View

7. Incubators made a return. View

8. Twitter might actually be profitable. View

9. MyTown proved to be bigger than FourSquare and Gowalla. View

In addition, GigaOM Pro has the following wrap-ups for its subscribers:

* Will Hulu be able to keep its light on in the Fox-Time Warner Cable blackout?

* How Facebook should fix its privacy problem.

* Why Amazon’s spot instances won’t commoditize the cloud.

* And no, 2010 still won’t be the year of mobile advertising.

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