A survey of major mobile app stores shows that nearly 57 percent of paid applications in the Apple App Store have location-based functionality vs. 49 percent in RIM’s BlackBerry App World and 21 percent in Google’s Android Market.

I have long been fascinated by location-based applications, especially on the new mobile platforms, for they represent a different (and a new) way of consuming and interaction with information.

So perhaps that’s why I found this new report jointly produced by location-based services company Skyhook Wireless and Distimo, an app analytics company, mildly interesting. Here are some of the highlights for the month of November:

Proportion Free-Paid Of Location Based Applications.png

  • Apple’s iTunes App Store has the largest proportion of paid location-based applications (57 percent) vs. BlackBerry, which has 49 percent and Google’s Android Market, which has 21 percent.
  • The average price of maps and navigation applications remained steady in both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market, despite the introduction of the free Google Maps Navigation app. BlackBerry App World, on the other, had saw a decline of 15 percent to an average of $13.74 from September.
  • Location-based applications cost, on average, $14.37 in BlackBerry’s App World vs. $7.34 for such apps in Apple’s App Store.

And now little something about the actual location apps:

Category Distribution Location Based Applications.png

  • Google Earth is the highest-ranked “free navigation and travel app” on the Apple platform, followed by MapQuest. Urbanspoon is ranked No. 4, trumping Yelp, which comes in at No. 5. I am especially excited to see Trapster at No. 7. Most of my friends who drive and have iPhone love this speed trap alert service.
  • Poynt is the highest-ranked BlackBerry app in the “free navigation and travel app” category, followed by Where.
  • Google Maps is the highest-ranked Android “free navigation and travel app” followed by NYC Subway Maps. Where is at No. 5 and Trapster comes in at No. 10.
  • When it comes to paid travel applications, CoPilot Live GPS is a winner on Android. MotionX GPS takes the top spot on Apple platforms and GeoCache Navigator is tops in the BlackBerry world.

Average Price Travel & Navigation Categories.png

  1. What about Palm Pre?

  2. Yes, on Android this is good. I have evaluated them and the CoPilot is better than Google’s. At first Google seemed nice, but it is really confusing and doesn’t work very well. On the iPhone clearly MotionX is the best. By far. I hope that they get on Android and especially the Blackberry.

  3. Hi Om, How do I get the complete report?

  4. @Anand you can download the full report here: http://www.distimo.com/report/download-latest

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